Inside Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood's incredible London home as he puts it up for sale for £3.5m

Inside Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood's incredible London home as he puts it up for sale for £3.5m

ROLLING Stones star Ronnie Wood is putting his incredible London home up for sale for £3.5 million.

The 73-year-old moved there in 2011 when he quit booze and the six-bedroom townhouse oozes rock-star glamour.

Guitars adorn the kids' bedroom and artwork covers almost every inch of its walls, with a painting of Queen Elizabeth greeting guests in its grand entrance hall.

Bursting with colour, the home has a purple front door and a red-carpeted staircase, a green sofa and huge gold mirrors upstairs.

There are two wall paintings of hummingbirds and butterflies on a balcony overlooking the garden.

Another of Ronnie's paintings declares "When I take care of myself, I can achieve anything".

The huge kitchen boasts an Aga and there's a knitted tea cosy with the phrase "More tea, vicar?", a ceramic teapot shaped like Santa Claus and pink polka-dot plates.

On the walls are retro café signs illustrated with cakes and words: "Afternoon tea, please" and "Fabulous ice-cream sundaes here."

The master bathroom reveals a claw-foot tub and a Thomas Crapper lavatory with a high cistern and yank chain.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Ronnie admitted the west London home was "a great party house".

But he said he spends more time these days in the countryside with his wife Sally Humphreys and their daughters Alice and Gracie.

He added: "We are selling because we spend more time in the countryside, as the girls go to school there.

"I never used to get up early. Now I do with these little ones; I have to help get them off to school every morning."

Ronnie proudly shared a snap of his twin daughters back in June on their fourth birthday.

The doting dad and Rolling Stone legend posted the beautiful picture of his little girls to Instagram, writing in the caption: “Happy 4th birthday to my beautiful Alice and Gracie! 🎉🎁🎂🎈❤️"

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