Inside Holly Willoughby’s wild party animal antics from necking drinks like a ‘robot’ to taking hip flask on red carpet

Inside Holly Willoughby’s wild party animal antics from necking drinks like a ‘robot’ to taking hip flask on red carpet

WITH innocent blue eyes and a butter-wouldn’t-melt smile, she’s TV’s ultimate girl next door.

But Holly Willoughby is one of the wildest party animals in TV – branded “dangerous” by Piers Morgan and “hardcore” by host Alison Hammond.

Yesterday, pal Kelly Brook confirmed mum-of-three Holly was “wild” on a night out and told Heart Radio listeners: "Holly would out drink Snoop [Dogg] no question. She's good fun on a night out."

The 40-year-old This Morning star launched her new lifestyle brand Wylde Moon, in a bid to rival Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop business.

Avid viewers of the morning magazine show have seen Holly and co-host Phillip Schofield lounging on the studio sofa after celebrating all night at the National Television Awards.

Other party antics included swigging from a bottle on the red carpet and necking shots “like a robot,” according to pals.

Here we look at the crazy nights and hungover days of the TV legend.

Vomited and flashed boob on kids' TV show

Celebrating Holly’s 40th birthday in February, close pal Fearne Cotton tweeted a picture of the pair as young presenters, with an affectionate message.

She wrote: “Your birthday today gave me the perfect excuse to delve back into our early twenties. So much fun and freedom and laughter and gin.”

That fresh-faced hopeful, sitting on a beach with her pal, is now a happily-married mum-of-three and one the UK’s biggest TV stars, with an estimated worth of around £10 million.

Starting in modelling at 14, she became S Club TV presenter at 19 before moving on to Ministry of Mayhem, where she met TV producer husband Dan Baldwin, father of her three children Harry, 11, Belle, nine and Chester, six.

But she has previously admitted to presenting the kids show while still smashed from an all-nighter – and even flashing as a result.

“There were times when we went straight from the hotel bar to going live on air,” she told Live magazine.

“Everyone in children’s TV drinks until 5am. If you mess up, no one cares…

"It got a bit too wild when my breast popped out of my dress."

She also admitted to vomiting live on air and added: “It doesn't help when you read the script and you’ve got to drink anchovies in custard with some eight year old.”

'Bad girls go backstage'

But marriage, motherhood and a few more years on the clock hasn’t slowed her down when it comes to partying.

Holly went on to hit the jackpot when she was chosen to present This Morning, opposite Phillip Schofield but as her fame grew, so did her reputation for boozy nights out and being the last to leave the afterparties.

Piers Morgan revealed in 2019 that her good girl image is a myth, and that she can party “for days”.

“If I go to a party and Holly Willoughby is there, you know your liver is in for a caning, and you could end up in a career-ending situation,” he told Heat in 2019.

“She’s a very dangerous lady. Very dangerous.”

The same year she was snapped at the afterparty of The Streets comeback gig, at the Brixton Academy, partying with best pal Nicole Appleton until the early hours.

Her T-shirt – ‘bearing the legend Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go backstage’ – summed up her attitude to a great night out.

NTA hangovers and hip flasks

The biggest party night for Holly and co-presenter Phillip, each year, is the National Television Awards and their antics have kept viewers amused over many years.

Most infamously, the pair turned up to present the show in 2016 still drunk and in the same clothes after celebrating their Best Daytime Show gong the night before.

The pair were clearly worse for wear, opening the show with their heads in their hands with Holly joking: “Thank you so so much. We blame you entirely for what is about to happen.”

In 2018, the show producers put a notice up for viewers, claiming the presenters “hadn’t turned up” after an all-nighter at the awards.

They soon emerged, looking bleary-eyed and giggly.

Phillip told viewers: “We’ve made it in not in a brilliant condition to be truly honest but at least we are not wearing the same clothes.”

Holly noted they both had very hoarse voices this morning and there was a lot of “heavy breathing”.

The following year Holly started early, drinking from a hip flask on the red carpet and swigging tequila shots in the seats as the awards went on.

At last month’s NTAs, where they once more bagged the gong, Holly was seen wolfing doughnuts and downing gin in the taxi home.

Friends 'can't keep up'

Holly’s legendary drinking stamina has led to her being labelled a “robot” by pal Keith Lemon.

“Holly is a party animal. I'm a drinker, but I can't keep up with her,” he told The Sun.

“She's like a robot, she just throws [drink] down her neck and goes to work the next day. The next day for me is a total write-off.”

This Morning Presenter Alison Hammond says she avoids going to afterparties with Holly because she can;t take the pace.

"Nights out with them are brilliant – they love their drink!,” she told Closer

"We've been on nights out with them where I have taken myself to bed at 2am, then found out the next day that Holly hasn't even been to sleep!

"They are hardcore. After the NTAs they usually end up at Ant and Dec's house playing the custard pie game."

She has also juggled a stellar career with bringing up three young kids and a burgeoning business empire which includes her latest venture, Wylde Moon.

The lifestyle site promotes wellbeing and 'feeling beautiful inside and out' with products such as candles, crystals and beauty products.

And despite her love of a boozy night, Holly’s figure and clear complexion are the envy of women everywhere.

We want whatever she’s having.

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