I'm a MasterChef producer – there's a secret behind the contestants' recipes that only eagle-eyed fans will spot | The Sun

I'm a MasterChef producer – there's a secret behind the contestants' recipes that only eagle-eyed fans will spot | The Sun

A SELECTION of secrets from behind the scenes of the hit cooking contest, MasterChef USA, have been shared on social media platform Reddit exposing secrets such as cookbooks on-set to judges eating cold food.

The US edition of the show is fronted by famed Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay where it is filled with his trademark swearing and frustrated temper.

The show first debuted on the FOX network in 2010 and has produced 12 seasons of the cooking contest so far. 

However it appears there is more to the cookery competition than meets the eye with a selection of ‘secrets’ being shared on the social media platform Reddit. 

A user, by the name of @smegle564, claims to be a MasterChef producer who was happy to divulge the moments that the audience dosent get to see on television. 

The user shared: “MasterChef Producer here. Contestants are sequestered for the duration of the shoot so when we are not shooting, they have a lot of down time. So we have a large collection of cookbooks, both in cast holding and in the Library on stage, contestants can pull from for inspiration or useful info.”

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The alleged producer was responding to the thread which was seeking information from a fan about the production process of the programme.

The user was questioned further on when contestant are allowed to use the cookbooks provided to which they responed: “We give them off camera time to study. They are not allowed to stop and read a recipe from a cookbook while we are filming. Anything they pull from the cookbooks must be memorized.”

The producer went onto add that most of the food eaten by the judges is in actual fact cold! 

They shared: “But immediately after the cook the dishes go into beauties.”

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This refers to the close-up shots of the individual meal prepared for the benefit of the television audience. 

As a result of this, the reddit user shared how most food actually goes cold by the time it is tasted by the panel of judges. 

They wrote: “And sometimes the crew goes to lunch during that time. So to answer your question. All the food is cold by the time it’s judged on camera.”

The Sun has approached the production company of MasterChef USA for comment.

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