I’m A Celeb star slams ‘boring’ show as TV stars never show ‘real personalities’

I’m A Celeb star slams ‘boring’ show as TV stars never show ‘real personalities’

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!'s Nicola McLean slammed the show as "boring" due to the lineup not revealing their true selves.

The 2008 series star is used to her fair share of TV controversies and is always the first person to call out any ill behaviour.

Her iconic scenes have made some of the best moments in reality TV history – hence why she is not a fan of people not showing their "real personalities".

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Talking about the all-stars series, Nicola exclusively said: "The only gameplan I think you can do in there is not show your real personality, everyone apart from Janice [Dickinson] is doing that.

"Everybody else thinks of the bigger picture and that's why reality shows have got boring because people are looking for the brand deals and for their Instagram to pop off.

"That's why it's so boring because they're all set on staying 'on brand'.

"I admire their discipline, I just can't do it, if I have something to say it just comes out.

"I don't know how they've trained themselves to be so boring, I don't know how they do it."

Talking further about game plans, Nicola revealed she thinks Helen may have had one.

She said: "I mean gameplan you won't be able to have, it will just be how good you are at the trials, and that will show you who is that desperate to win it and who will go to any length to win the trials.

"Unless people have had a lot of therapy, although I do think Helen [Flanagan] had been given the techniques to cope with things. When she was settling herself and telling herself to breathe, I think she asked for advice on that, which could be seen as a game plan.

"Although, I think she was brilliant when she was doing the trial, as I don't think she would have even tried last time."

Nicola, 41, continued: "You can't fake being really bad at trials and then being really good, she was good on the first one but it was quite an impossible task.

"I honestly think she's had some sort of therapy to help her regulate her mind and emotions and things like that. And if I ever get asked to do it I will be messaging her on Instagram and saying 'Please tell me what you've done' as I would do the same."


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