Human Ken Doll Is Back! Hear All About His 900+ Cosmetic Surgeries in Botched Sneak Peek

Human Ken Doll Is Back! Hear All About His 900+ Cosmetic Surgeries in Botched Sneak Peek

The return of the Human Ken Doll.

Justin Jedlica, who appeared on the very first episode of Botched when it premiered in 2014, is back on tonight's all-new special, Botched: Where Are They Now!

As fans of the E! show may recall, Justin initially sought out Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif in hopes that they'd operate on him using a plastic surgery plan he came up with himself. At that point in his life, he had already undergone several hundred cosmetic procedures—from five nose jobs to implants in his chest, butt, biceps, triceps, cheeks and chin—but he was still far from his goal of ultimate perfection.

Over the years, Justin's continued to receive surgery after surgery, even reuniting with the Botched docs in 2015 for a life-threatening procedure. However, nobody could've predicted just how far he'd be willing to go.

As Justin tells Drs. Dubrow and Nassif in this sneak peek clip, "The last time, I couldn't even remember how many procedures I had. Something probably in the 400 to 500 realm." 

Justin continues, "Today, I've had about 950 cosmetic procedures and I'm easily on my way to 1,000 within the year. So that's definitely a goal of mine."

Yes, you read that right: nearly 1,000 cosmetic procedures!

He explains that he's gone under the knife for a wide variety of surgeries, including both buttock lipo and injections, matching face lifts with his mother and full torso recontouring "but all with injectables."  

"So 50 kits of Kybella and then I did 60 ccs of Restylane into the abdominal muscles to try to push them out," Justin says when Dr. Dubrow asks about the type of injectables. "And the Kybella to obviously etch a little bit because nobody would do lipo etching on me because they said there wasn't enough fat."

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If you think that's wild, wait until you hear what else Justin has had done!

"I did microneedling on my face which isn't that big of a deal, but I ended up doing microneedling on my penis. And scrotox!" he adds, with the latter being exactly what it sounds like: Botox injections into the scrotum.

Microneedling, on the other hand, "improves the overall tone [and] texture," Justin says. "My thought process was that if you microneedle things, you get, like, a bunch of collagen that kind of storms to that area, and potentially you could get some kind of girth enhancement."

Unfortunately, as Justin goes onto reveal, the microneedling ended up backfiring.

"I just had tons of, like, little abrasions all through the penis and the gland," he adds, noting that he's always "playing around" with different methods. "I had silicone in my penis years ago."

Dr. Dubrow's response puts it nicely: "Wow, that's a lot of penis plastic surgery there!"

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You can also binge previous episodes of Botched on Peacock, and look back at past patients in addition to Justin by scrolling through the below before-and-after gallery!

(E! and Peacock are both a part of the NBCUniversal family.)

Louise traveled across the pond to meet with Dr. Nassif. According to the new patient, a bike accident and several surgeries resulted in her septum fully deviating to the left. Since Louise's surgery with Dr. Nassif was her fourth surgery, her blood supply wasn't great.

Thus, Dr. Nassif called for leeches to be used on Louise's nose to help her heal. Thankfully, Louise was happy with the results.

New patient Annie turned to Dr. Terry Dubrow after three breast surgeries left her with melting mounds. After being diagnosed with diabetes, the California resident decided to undergo the gastric bypass procedure. While the weight loss procedure helped Annie drop 100 pounds in six months, it caused her boobs to essentially vanish.

In order to fix this problem, Annie received a lift and an augmentation, but was left with two different sized implants and excess skin. A second surgery to right this botched boob job left Annie worse off than she was before. A third surgery, by a different surgeon, was also ineffective.

Although Annie's case was high-risk, Dr. Dubrow agreed to the surgery and used surgical techniques he invented to give the patient breasts she could be proud of.

Transgender patient Maria needed Dr. Nassif help after several botched nose jobs and necrosis left her with a melted-candle looking nose.

"It doesn't aesthetically look normal, it doesn't look pretty," she lamented in a confessional. "I know that people are sort of looking at me saying, 'God, that girl went too far.'"

In order to give Maria the nose of her dreams, Dr. Nassif utilized at least six different grafts and a glue canoe.

"I am done with having anything done to my nose for sure," Maria said in a voice over. "I'm f–king beautiful."

After four disastrous boob jobs, one of which had her nipple rotting away, new patient Sarah turned to Dr. Dubrow in the hope he could give her two symmetrical breasts and reduce her scarring. After examining Sarah's case, Dr. Dubrow suggested an implant removal and a breast lift. Trusting only the Botched surgeon, Sarah agreed to the surgery and had her breast implants removed.

"I couldn't ask for anything more," Sarah said in a confessional post-surgery.

New patient Melissa was determined to fix the shape of her nose to her liking and thought a non-surgical procedure would be the easiest way to do so. However, as she explained to Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, what was supposed to be a quick fix—a simple filler injection—ended up blocking the blood flow in her nose, resulting in necrosis. 

Dr. Nassif was ultimately able to give Melissa's nose more shape and contour, but since it was a complicated operation, the results would take some time to fully show.

Thankfully, the Botched crew checked back in with Melissa weeks later, and she was happy to report that week by week, her nose is "getting smoother."

As Parisa detailed to the Botched doctors, a cheap boob job abroad resulted in a terrible infection and she found herself in the emergency room.

"I went to the emergency room and I was crying," the new patient lamented. "The doctor came in and he said, 'You need to take this out now. If the infection goes into your bloodstream, you're dead.'"

Parisa listened to the doctor and had the implant removed. However, later on, the former dancer found herself wanting "two even breasts."

Thankfully, Dr. Dubrow was able to give her just that through surgery.

Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow met with new patient Hope, who had multiple surgeries to repair her face after a terrible motorcycle accident. Per the new patient, after her crash, she had seven reconstructive surgeries and required a feeding tube for a year.

Although Hope knew her face would "never be the same," she hoped the Botched doctors could even things out in order to help her social life. And Dr. Nassif did just that!

After assembling a skilled surgical team, Nassif oversaw as Hope had the following done: the removal of a metal plate, a fat graft implanted, scar revision and a procedure to clear her airway. Weeks later, she had filler injected in order to make things more symmetrical.

After six failed breast reductions, new patient Meredith was left worse off than when she started her plastic surgery journey. As Meredith recounted to the Botched doctors, her previous surgeon convinced her to get implants with her reduction and was left looking like she had four breasts.

Multiple attempts to fix this botched boob job left Meredith with more scarring and deeper insecurities. Thankfully, Dr. Dubrow had a game plan to fix Meredith's chest.

Although the surgery wasn't an easy one, Dr. Dubrow gave Meredith the smaller and more symmetrical breasts she always wanted.

After suffering from microtia at birth and having corrective surgery, Andre faced the formation of a massive keloid. While the young man dealt with the keloid for some time, he turned to the Botched doctors for help when the growth overtook his ear. Although Dr. Nassif wasn't certain he could give Andre perfection, he willingly tackled the non-stop growing keloid.

By the end of the episode, Andre was keloid free and ready to start his new life with his new ear.

Brazilian-born Sheyla loved having bigger boobs.

However, after 32 surgeries, Sheyla still wasn't happy with the situation on her chest. Namely, since her last procedure, the new patient struggled with chronic back pain. Thus, Sheyla needed Dr. Dubrow to make her breasts smaller—but not too much smaller.

At first, Sheyla wasn't happy when Dr. Dubrow put 500 CCs into each breast. After some time, Sheyla's back pain went away, leaving her grateful to the Botched surgeon.

After a terrible car accident and poor emergency room care, Brontee was left with a brutal scar on her cheek. Thus, she turned to Dr. Nassif for help, hoping he could give her her smile back. Thankfully, Nassif and his team were able to just that through surgery. Not only did Nassif get rid of Brontee's twitch, but he made her cheek "more normal."

Following a botched boob job, Tanya—an Army Black Hawk crew chief—was left with an MIA breast. With her deployment fast approaching, she needed Dr. Dubrow's help in evening out her chest. Of course, Dubrow and his team signed up for the rescue mission and rectified a previous surgeon's mistake.

After boxing for three decades, Chris' nose was left flat like a "pancake," which caused him to lose confidence in himself. In order to restore the boxer's nose, Dr. Nassif did an open rhinoplasty and harvested rib to fix the nearly-gone septum. While there were hiccups amid surgery, Chris walked away with a sculpted and supported nose.

Esmeralda turned to the Botched doctors after a failed breast reduction surgery left her with dying tissue that destroyed her chest. Despite her dire situation, Dr. Dubrow was able to give the new patient implants and tattooed on nipples to replace the ones she lost in her first surgery.

After a series of disastrous breast surgeries, Sandra was left with terrible malposition, which made her look like she had three boobs. After hearing Sandra's case, Dr. Dubrow agreed to take on her complicated chest. Unsurprisingly, the Botched doc was able to right this medical wrong and gave her "two mounds that are symmetrical." 

A terrible car accident left Jennifer with a nose deformity and one working nostril. Thus, she needed Dr. Nassif's expertise to fix her car wrecked nose. Through surgery and the help of leeches, Dr. Nassif was able to give Jennifer a normal, functioning nose.

Will underwent a series of plastic surgeries after moving to South Florida and becoming extremely insecure. One of these procedures involved both jaw and chin implants—the latter of which took on a weird shape that Will described as "comical." The Botched docs were ultimately able to remove the implant; however, when Will returned for a follow-up visit, he admitted that he was still struggling with his appearance. 

Dr. Nassif discussed the possibility of Will having body dysmorphic disorder and recommended he start attending therapy. Fortunately, Will agreed to do so.

Heather experienced complications after undergoing breast augmentation surgery, but the doctor who performed the procedure apparently did nothing to help afterward. As a result, Heather's left breast remained swollen and abnormal-looking, eventually getting worse as the skin began to sag. Cue Dr. Dubrow! Heather described him as "the boob guru," and thanks to his surgical skills, she said she now feels "unstoppable."

Real World alum Flora found herself with a bad case of Symmastia after several bad breast surgeries. Understandably, Flora couldn't stand having a uniboob and turned to the Botched doctors for help. During surgery, Dr. Dubrow discovered that Flora's previous surgeon had used hernia mesh, which likely caused the Symmastia.

"Before my surgery, I had a uniboob situation that was not sexy at all," Flora concluded. "But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I have two separate breasts."

After being bitten by a dog at the age of four, Marcelo became the victim of constant bullying. As he grew up, the new patient still felt self-conscious about his scarring and hoped Dr. Nassif could help him. Although the plastic surgeon couldn't promise a perfect restoration, he said he'd do his best.

"Before the surgery, a dog bite had left me with scarring on my cheek and nose and a bulky asymmetrical nose," Marcelo described post-surgery. "Dr. Nassif even said that there's not gonna be a huge improvement on my nose. But now, seeing the result, I'm just so completely blown away by what he has done."

As a kid, Rose was bullied over her nose's shape, which the Arizona resident attempted to fix with two rhinoplasty procedures that ultimately worsened its condition. "My nose looks like I have a butt sticking out of it," she told Botched cameras. Thanks to Dr. Nassif's work, Rose's third surgery gave her the nose she'd been "chasing" all her life.

After undergoing a second augmentation surgery to reduce the size of her chest, Judy contracted "two antibiotic resistant bacterias" and the implants literally "fell out" of her breasts. Fortunately, Dr. Dubrow was able to repair the resulting damage without using any foreign materials "because, if you don't have breasts implants, you can't have a breast implant complication."

Twenty years ago, Crystal's plastic surgeon performed a skin graft on her right cheek using "groin tissue," and it quickly sprouted "genital hair." After consulting the Botched duo, Crystal underwent two separate surgeries and a procedure involving a "tissue expander" to remove the patch of skin.

After she was turned away last year, return patient Krystina hoped Dr. Dubrow would finally be able to fix her botched breast implants. And though he feared losing her nipple in the process, Dubrow was ultimately able to give her the results she wanted.

Upon learning the truth about Santa Claus, Sara's 8-year-old son head-butted his mom straight into surgical mayhem. Using harvested rib and scalp fascia and a diced cartilage graft, Nassif was able to repair her "L-shaped" nose, whose initially poor circulation caused it to flush purple and red depending on the temperature.

When her 12-year-old breast implants popped, Melissa's horrifying replacement surgery that led to serious post-op complications. But thanks to surgical intervention from Dr. Dubrow, Melissa left Botched with a revamped physique and heightened self-esteem too.

At the age of 19, Norina snuck off to get a secret nose job several months before her wedding. However, the sketchy surgeon left a "mortified" Norina with a crooked, scarred nose. During the corrective surgery, Dr. Nassif straightened her deviated septum and used composite graphs from her ears to lower her nostrils and give her nose a more normal appearance.

Brittany had four—yes, four!—breast implants, two on each side, which ended up causing her headaches and neck pain in addition to noticeable misshapenness and general discomfort. Dr. Dubrow was able to remove all four of Brittany's previous implants and replace them with one set of brand new ones in addition to a little bit of a breast lift.

A failed facelift and neck lift left left Lisa with deformities, "rippling" skin and scars under her chin. Dr. Nassif removed excess fat from her neck and corrected her previously botched face lift, leaving Lisa with a slimmer, smoother neck.

After being teased for her slender physique, Jabrena got butt implants that quickly flipped and continued to move around, giving her rear a bulbous shape and causing her major pain in the butt (literally!). After removing the 600 cc implants and 500 cc of fluid, Dr. Dubrow lifter her bum giving her a butt that "might make the Kardashians jealous."

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