How Does Queen Elizabeth Take Her Tea? Food Habits Her Majesty Always Follows – The Cheat Sheet

How Does Queen Elizabeth Take Her Tea? Food Habits Her Majesty Always Follows – The Cheat Sheet

Like most other things, Queen Elizabeth’s food habits are very particular — especially when it comes to how she takes her tea (spoiler: There’s even a specific order in which tea and cream are poured!). Up ahead, we take a closer look at the food habits Queen Elizabeth always follows, including her tea preferences.

Queen Elizabeth’s food habits include several cups of tea throughout the day. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

How does Queen Elizabeth take her tea?

Tea is a staple in most British households — including Queen Elizabeth’s. The Queen of England drinks tea throughout the day, starting with a cup in the morning with breakfast. Her go-to tea is Darjeeling, which offers a host of health benefits, including immunity protection and anti-aging. In addition to Darjeeling, the queen also likes a cup of Earl Grey.

As for how Queen Elizabeth takes her tea, it is likely that she pours tea in her cup first, and then adds cream. According to the queen’s butler, Grant Harrold, the order in which cream is poured depends is related to class. The tradition of pouring cream after tea started in the 18th century when Josiah Spode came out with bone teacups. Because the expensive (not to mention: ultra-high quality) cups didn’t crack when boiling hot water was poured into it, cream could be added after the fact. Those that could not afford the fancy teacups opted for pouring chilled milk first, then hot tea.

“I am sure the Queen enjoys her Assam or her Earl Grey the traditional way, made with tea leaves in a teapot and poured into a fine bone china teacup,” he told Hello! Magazine. In addition to adding her milk after pouring, the queen likely uses loose leaf tea with a strainer.

Queen Elizabeth’s food habits

The Queen of England is seemingly picky about everything (hence all the royal family rules). But, the one thing she seems to be most particular about is her food. Take a closer look at Queen Elizabeth’s food habits, below.

She hates garlic

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly anti-garlic. In fact, she hates the flavorful root so much that she banned it from the menu at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and other family homes.

While it is likely that other members of the royal family don’t feel the same (Meghan Markle reportedly loves herself some garlic) they certainly don’t expect to feast on a delicious, garlicky meal when visiting with Her Majesty.

Pasta is reserved for special occasions

Another item you won’t see on the menu? Pasta. Apparently, the queen doesn’t like to eat pasta frequently and reserves the Italian dish for special occasions.

She keeps a slice of chocolate cake her in her purse

The queen allegedly has a major sweet tooth and can’t leave home without her favorite chocolate cake. She even takes a small sliver of it in her purse every day to hold her over while attending to official business like royal engagements, meetings with parliament, and more.

She eats four meals a day

Instead of having a hearty breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Queen Elizabeth prefers to eat four smaller meals a day. That way, she stays fueled without needing to snack.

Smaller portions are preferred

Speaking of smaller meals, the queen tries to keep all of her meals light so that she doesn’t overeat. Her Majesty prefers smaller portions at every meal.

She loves fish

Curious to know what Queen Elizabeth’s daily diet looks like? There’s a lot of fish on the menu. Queen Elizabeth is reportedly a big fan of fish and requests it is always on the menu.

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