Hollyoaks horror as Jordan is stabbed to death and confirmed as the body bag victim

Hollyoaks horror as Jordan is stabbed to death and confirmed as the body bag victim

HOLLYOAKS' Jordan Price has been confirmed as the body bag victim after he was stabbed to death in a shock murder scene.

Last year's flash forward episode left viewers baffled as to who was left for dead in the Chester town – but Monday's hour-long episode finally revealed the truth.

Drug dealer Jordan, played by Connor Calland, was attempting to turn his life around after creating a County Lines gang that included several other of the soap's characters.

But the most recent episode saw Jordan stabbed in a fight in the Hutch with Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) and Ella Richardson (Erin Palmer).

Despite refusing orders from the Victor brothers to murder his cousin Sid and Juliet Nightingale, Jordan still found himself tangled up in a killing – this time on the wrong end of the knife.

After begging Sid and Juliet to flee, he bumped into Charlie and Ella who explained they were quitting the drugs gang.

Fighting in the empty restaurant, Jordan was stabbed – though the moment was off-screen – and was pronounced dead when the ambulance arrived.

Viewers of the soap saw Charlie and Ella standing over his body in shock, with Charlie insisting to police it was him who had stabbed and killed Jordan.

Fans were sad to see Jordan go, and flooded Twitter to share their disappointment that he was the body bag victim.

"I'm gutted they killed off Jordan. He definitely could've redeemed himself in the future," wrote one fan.

Another agreed: "Going to miss @connorcalland, Jordan just wanted to fit in somewhere away from the drugs."

A third chimed in: "Jordan was the best character by far. He needed redemption!! Not watching it anymore…"

Others defended Charlie and Ella's decision: "I can’t fault them for how they responded. Up until recently Jordan was a b******."

Another speculated: "It was Ella, I think. Too obvious to be Charlie."

Hollyoaks returns every weeknight at 6:30pm on Channel 4.

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