Holly Willoughby says Brits aren’t prudes’ and love sex scenes in erotica debate

Holly Willoughby says Brits aren’t prudes’ and love sex scenes in erotica debate

Holly Willoughby defended the erotic fiction novel, 50 Shades of Grey, to viewers on Wednesday's episode of This Morning.

The 40-year-old TV presenter argued with former Made in Chelsea star Georgia Toffolo, known to fans as 'Toff.'

Toff admitted that she thinks Brits are prudes when it comes to sex scenes on TV.

Although the former I'm A Celeb champ also writes romantic fiction, she said it makes her cringe.

She told Phil and Holly, "When I start it I have a bit of bonking in there – it's not like mega, mega saucy, but a little bit – but when I first started writing it, I used to die inside and I think that's quite a British thing."

Holly quickly came to the defence of the British public. She argued that Brits are not afraid of sex scenes, sighting 50 Shades of Grey as a best-seller.

The mother-of-three said, "We're responsible for 50 Shades of Grey, Lady Chatterley's lover."

Holly turned to guest Nick Ferrari to say, "In the past, Nick, we are very much, sort of at the forefront of the bonk-busting!"

Holly and Toff's argument started after Pulitzer Prize-nominated American author, Jonathan Franzen said British readers were harsher critics of risqué scenes in his novels.

Although Toff did think Brits were more prudish than Americans; Holly, Phil and Nick Ferrari all agreed Brits have more gusto when it comes to sex scenes than those from the States.

Many fans agreed with Holly and took her side on the debate.

One fan took to Twitter to write, "Please, this country is forever remaking Lady Chatterley’s lover for those who like porn and sex but don’t want to admit it."

Another added, "Prudish to sex scenes? Rubbish.. how many Netflix, Amazon shows have sex scenes.. there’s a series what’s popular called sex education.. I don’t believe this story."

However, one fan did agree with Toff. They wrote, "It gets a bit weird if you're watching a sex scene with your parents and grandparents."

Although Holly appears to enjoy romantic fiction, she hasn't yet taken to writing it herself.

Her latest book 'Reflections' has been an emotional book for Holly to write and one that has been "40 years in the making."

The book has been described as exploring, "What it means to live a beautiful life in a modern world," and "help you on your way to feeling beautiful, confident, complete."

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