Heartbreaking death leaves Dot Cotton devastated in EastEnders

Heartbreaking death leaves Dot Cotton devastated in EastEnders

Dot Cotton is set for more heartbreak in Albert Square when a close friend dies in shocking circumstances.

Sonia Jackson has kept a close eye on Dot since Stuart Highway moved in, and was shocked when a swastika was painted on her door by youths, who were trying to target Dr Legg.

But Sonia has some sad news for Dot in upcoming episodes, culminating in a very sad state of affairs.

First, Sonia breaks the news to Dot that Dr Legg doesn’t want to return home for his final weeks.

Upset, Dot visits him in hospital but he’s adamant he wants to stay there, so she enlists Stuart’s help to change Dr Legg’s mind about returning home.

He seems to change his mind, as later Sonia prepares to take Doctor Legg home.

She touched when he shows her a treasured possession – a medallion his father gave him and his wife Judith.

And back in Albert Square, Dot is in full preparation mode but when Dr Legg arrives home, everyone realises just how frail he is.

Bex Fowler, Sonia’ daughter, is upset knowing Dr Legg could die at any moment and she opens up to Sonia, who offers her support.

Meanwhile, Dot has a touching gift for Doctor Legg, and the doctor shares some poignant memories with Dot before he passes away, leaving Dot absolutely devastated.

Of course, the looming presence of Stuart is still felt in her home – so will this spur her on to get rid of the psycho for good, or will she keep him around for comfort?

EastEnders airs Mondays and Fridays at 8pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC1.

*On February 14th, there are two episodes of the soap as special programming.

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