Harrison Ford brands 1923 co-star Helen Mirren ‘sexy’

Harrison Ford brands 1923 co-star Helen Mirren ‘sexy’

Harrison Ford discusses working with 'still sexy' Helen Mirren

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Paramount+’s latest Yellowstone spin-off has already become a massive hit for the new streamer after just four episodes released over December and January. The Dutton saga will thankfully return from its break this weekend, and in the meantime, Harrison Ford has been singing the praises of his equally legendary co-star, Helen Mirren.

Ford fondly remembered his time working on The Mosquito Coast, and revealed he still finds Mirren sexy after nearly 40 years.

In his latest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the talk show host presented a steamy still image of the actors lying together from the film.

“Sexy, and still sexy, it’s amazing,” Colbert said, to which Ford agreed: “She’s still sexy.”

The audience cheered and applauded as the Indiana Jones star peered over the desk for another look before shrugging at the hollering crowd.

In the 1980s cult classic, Ford and Mirren star as Allie and Margot Fox, a couple who move with their children, including River Phoenix as Charlie, to a dangerous jungle.

Their journey sadly ends in tragedy for the family, though Ford and Mirren are clearly well-remembered as a convincing on-screen couple.

They have now reunited as Jacob and Cara Dutton on Paramount+’s new prequel series, set almost 100 years before the original Yellowstone.

“You ever make out with Helen Mirren?” Colbert asked cheekily.

Ford refused to give an answer, though his coy smile and raised eyebrow said it all.

“I ask because I have made out with Helen Mirren,” Colbert said to his guest’s surprise.

“Have you really?” he asked, and the host confirmed she “planted a wet one” on him before her first appearance on his show.

“I was paralytic for about five minutes,” Colbert confessed, and Ford burst into laughter, adding “She’s out there.”

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Mirren began her career as a stage actress and was well-known to UK theatre-goers after joining the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1960s.

Her breakthrough role came with 1980’s The Long Good Friday, and has since portrayed both Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II on film, so far the only actor to have done so.

Over the years, she has performed in some of the biggest blockbusters and acclaimed awards-contenders, from the Fast and Furious franchise to Trumbo and Hitchcock.

She has now made her return to TV as Cara Dutton in 1923, Taylor Sheridan’s brutal new Western set in the world of Yellowstone.

“It’s been remarkable to watch her,” he said of her new role.

“There’s a lot of physical action [in 1923] and she just jumps right in and does stuff you don’t imagine Helen Mirren could do.”

In the first half of the first season, the Duttons have experienced even more turmoil on the ranch after Jacob’s rival Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) sparked a range war.

1923 continues Sunday, February 6 on Paramount+.

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