Halle Bailey Has Been Preparing for ‘Little Mermaid’ Role ‘All Her Life’, Sister Chloe Says

Halle Bailey Has Been Preparing for ‘Little Mermaid’ Role ‘All Her Life’, Sister Chloe Says

Chloe Bailey insists her sister and Chloe X Halle bandmate is perfect for the role of Disney princess Ariel because ‘she’s always been that sweet [girl].’

AceShowbizChloe Bailey is cheering on her sister Halle Bailey. The 24-year-old singer found stardom alongside her sister as a musical duo, and she’s now excited to see her sibling play Ariel in “The Little Mermaid“.

“I’m so freaking proud of her! I have been seeing billboards and magazines of her everywhere and I am just so freaking proud,” Chloe told Entertainment Tonight.

Chloe also believes her sister is perfectly suited to playing the role of Ariel. She said, “She didn’t have to do much training for that. Like, she’s always been that sweet [girl] … So the stars aligned. I feel like all her life she’s been preparing for this role.”

Despite this, Chloe hasn’t actually been able to see the movie because she’s been busy touring. She shared, “I’ve been trying to not cry every time I think about it. I’m the only one who hasn’t seen it ’cause I’ve been on tour when they had the early screenings and I just I gotta get tissues with me.”

Meanwhile, Chloe previously admitted that making music “saved” her. The singer experienced separation anxiety amid the COVID-19 pandemic because she spent six months apart from her sister, who was in London working on “The Little Mermaid”. Chloe told Allure magazine, “Music saved me. I was at a low moment where I felt lost, like I didn’t have any sense of who I was.”

The singer also believes that her debut solo record reflects her journey to finding her confidence again. Chloe – who released her solo album, “In Pieces”, earlier this year – explained, “In the beginning you can tell that [the person] who is singing is like a bird with broken wings. As time went on, you can hear me finding my strength and confidence. I didn’t want to lose that story as I pieced the [songs] together.”

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