‘Grass’ Trailer: Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee’s Café Society — Exclusive

‘Grass’ Trailer: Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee’s Café Society — Exclusive

Cinema Guild has unveiled the trailer for Hong Sang-soo’s “Grass,” the prolific Korean auteur’s 22nd feature. It’s also his fifth with frequent collaborator and romantic partner Kim Min-hee, perhaps best known for her role in “The Handmaiden,” who likewise stars in “Hotel by the River,” Hong’s other 2018 premiere. After debuting in Berlin last year, the 66-minute black-and-white film went on to screen at the Busan and New York film festivals, among others. Avail yourself of the trailer below.

Here, as they say, is the synopsis: “For his 22nd feature as director, Hong Sangsoo delivers a delicious cinematic riddle only he could concoct. In the corner of a small café, Areum (Kim Minhee) sits typing on her laptop. At the tables around her, other customers enact the various dramas of their lives. A young couple charge each other with serious crimes, an old man tries to rekindle a flame with a younger woman, a narcissistic filmmaker works to put together his next project — all while Areum types. Is she merely writing what she hears? Or is she hearing what’s been written? As the dramas inside the café unfold, the plants outside grow taller.”

Jung Jin-young and Gi Ju-bong co-star in the film, which IndieWire’s David Ehrlich wrote “compensates for its dramatic slackness and deviant sobriety by honing in on the ideas that its director’s work often skirts around. If all of the searching zoom shots aren’t enough to get the point across, the scene where Areum switches from idly observing strangers to furiously yelling at her brother should seal the deal: We are too close to our own lives to see them clearly.”

Cinema Guild will release “Grass” on April 19 at New York’s Metrograph.

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