GMB’s Susanna Reid fakes an orgasm to celebrate Covid-19 vaccine news

GMB’s Susanna Reid fakes an orgasm to celebrate Covid-19 vaccine news

Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid celebrated the latest coronavirus vaccine news on Tuesday by acting out the iconic "orgasm scene" from When Harry Met Sally.

The 49-year-old star was hosting the ITV breakfast show alongside co-star Piers Morgan and they discussed the news that a coronavirus vaccine with 90% efficacy has been created.

Susanna shared her euphoria over the news that a coronavirus vaccine had been developed and could be rolled out before Christmas, and pretended to be Meg Ryan's character from the hit comedy flick.

The ITV star got very excited about the news of the new Covid vaccine and even left Piers, 55, blushing when she screamed "Yes, yes yes!" live on air.

Piers was reading out Daily Star's newspaper headline which simply stated: "Yes! Yes! YES!" and asked "Can we get the When Harry Met Sally clip?," causing Susanna to launch into the impression.

"Blimey, Susanna is frisky. Piers replied, as his co-star burst into giggles and added: "This is Pfizer – the company behind the vaccine which also created Viagra. So you know, it all comes together."

Viewers at home failed to find the funny side and rushed to their keyboards to complain about Susanna's racy reaction.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: One said: "Thanks GMB, family think I'm watching porn now."

Another Tweeted: "That scene is crass and seriously unfunny!"

A third wrote: "Lots of kids watching saying 'What’s wrong with that lady'. 'Why is she saying yes yes yes mummy'."

While a fourth ranted: "I love @GMB but showing that scene from 'When Harry Met Sally' at this time of day, when there's children getting ready for school, completely inappropriate.

"Thank God my kid had her head phones on, playing Roblox ffs."

Oxford professor Sir John Bell spoke on BBC Radio 4's The World at One about the news on Tuesday.

When asked if people could be back to normal life by spring, he replied: "Yes, yes yes."

Sir Bell appeared on the show and spoke to Piers and Susanna about the vaccination.

He reiterated that it is fantastic news after the vaccine was tested on 40,000 people.

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