Game of Thrones: Bran Stark’s connection to Night King finally revealed in shock twist?

Game of Thrones: Bran Stark’s connection to Night King finally revealed in shock twist?

Game of Thrones fans haven’t stopped theorising since the show ended last month.

However, it seems there have been mixed feelings on whether Bran Stark (played by Isaac Hempstead Wright) should have been crowned as the ruler of Westeros. 

A new theory has emerged suggesting Bran’s ascension to the throne was sealed by the Children of the Forest, who created the Night King (Vladimir Furdik). 

Now, one Reddit user has written down an extensive idea for a prequel all about the power of the mystical group and how they propelled the Three Eyed Raven to power.

Hykova writes about how the Children of the Forest were threatened by the First Men and the Andals, so they decided to create the ultimate force against them: the Night King. 

The forum user continues: “The Children’s attempt at harnessing Ice magic failed. They lost control and brought the Long Night. Learning from their mistakes the Three Eyed Raven was created. The Three Eyed Raven is an agent of the Children to infiltrate and divide the realms of men and to ultimately rule over Westeros (if you can’t beat them, be them, right?). He has been the master puppeteer shifting the course of history with his greenseer abilities. The Three Eyed Raven is responsible for the cataclysmic events that have unfolded in Westeros.”

Little is known about the Children of the Forest in the Game of Thrones television history and it has been rumoured they will feature heavily in the upcoming spin-off. 

Hykova continues to suggest in their idea of the spin-off will feature the Three Eyed Raven in a manipulative manner. 

They go on to write the Three Eyed Raven created the religion, R’hllor, in order to use the fact the God manipulates. 

It continues: “The magic used in the R’hllor religion is very similar to the dark magic used by the Children involving sacrifice and foresight which was used against the First Men.”

Should the spin-off continue this road, it will explore how the Targaryen family become the leaders of Westeros because the Three Eyed Raven wanted them to. 

Furthermore, they suggest the Night King was intentionally made to mark Bran in order to “nullify the magic of The Wall”. 

They add how the Night King would probably have been trying to kill Bran the whole time, so when he killed him, he would achieved revenge and would retreat back north. 

“The Three Eyed Raven was the one who brought back Beric (to save Arya) and Jon (to kill Dany) as fire wights (George R R Martin used this term to describe Jon and Beric). Again, supported by Bran’s ominous farewell to Jon at the end of the series ‘You were exactly where you were supposed to be’ – as if he were playing a game of chess. The Three Eyed Raven was responsible for Dany’s descent into madness. He was the one who insisted on revealing Jon’s parentage right before the long night. 

“He influenced her dreams and sowed dissent in her council to evoke paranoia. It was the Three Eyed Raven who spoke to Vary’s in the flames which inspired his betrayal. The Three Eyed Raven created the Mad Queen – to burn them all as his final play to become the king of Westeros. 

“The Three Eyed Raven will be king for the rest of eternity switching hosts to consolidate his power till the end of days.”

Should this turn out to be the correct writing of Westerosi legend, this ensures Bran was not only linked to the Night King, but was actually his enemy. 

Furthermore, it could spell possible danger for the residents of the HBO show who are now being ruled by mysterious Bran. 

Meanwhile, another theory has suggested Bran could live for 1,000 years, just like a previous Three Eyed Raven. 

His predecessor lasted an awful long time and when combined with the theory above, it seems the Stark rule could last a long time.

However, it could be more about the Three Eyed Raven and the revival of the Children of the Forest. 

Either way, there’s plenty of avenues the spin-off could go down. 

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