Gambian man, 32, marries '85-year-old woman who sent him £54,000'

Gambian man, 32, marries '85-year-old woman who sent him £54,000'

A 32-year-old Gambian man marries a Belgian woman ’53 years his senior’ in tonight’s Channel 4 documentary Sex On The Beach, a programme that delves deep into sex tourism in the West African country.

Alka, a local man, has had a string of relationships with European tourists over the last 15 years, but has finally found his future wife in Francoise, 85.

Speaking to journalist Seyi Rhodes about his past relationships with international tourists, Alka insists some visitors are not good as they come to ‘f*** you and leave you and when they go they dump you’.

‘I am looking for a good relationship,’ he says. ‘It’s an opportunity.’

Alka then shared details about Francoise and told Seyi: ‘The one I have right now is more than 85-years-old. Of course, I do everything with her. It’s nice to be nice.’

He added that he has never once asked for money, but that she sent him €60K (£54K).

When pressed on what he gives Francoise in return, he disclosed: ‘Happiness and sex.’

Speaking about their relationship, Francoise confessed that Alka makes her feel like a ‘newborn baby’ and that he’s given her a ‘second life’.

At the end of the programme, it is revealed that the pair are now married and that Alka had mistakenly added 17 years onto his partner.

As Seyi probed him on Francoise’s real age of 68, Alka insisted: ‘Maybe I forgot what I told you.

‘In Gambia, we don’t care about ages. It’s just a number you know, age is just a number.’

Sex On The Beach airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

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