Four in a Bed star puts head in hands over guest feedback

Four in a Bed star puts head in hands over guest feedback

Four in a Bed: Craig ‘disappointed’ after verdict from guests

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While the Four in a Bed pair impressed the guests with some aspects of their hotel, none of them were satisfied enough to want another stay again at the inn. Despite the Cornwall-based guests, who were made up of couples Kirstie and Joe, who own Cedarwood Holidays, Lee and Hannah who own the Britannia Inn, and Jo, who runs the Olde Malthouse, enjoying some of the features the hotel had to offer, they all agreed it was priced too high to justify another visit. Craig was extremely disappointed by the news and placed his head in his hands in despair over the feedback.

The holiday hosts checked into the £270-a-night guest house on Tuesday, which Craig described as “a luxury boutique hotel”.

The three sets of guests were largely complimentary during their stay.

All three praised the entertainment, which consisted of a karaoke session, and they also highlighted Craig’s talent for hosting.

While many also enjoyed a good night’s sleep, most of the guests complained about dated furniture, dusty rooms, and the price of their stay.

As always, the groups filled out an anonymous feedback form after their visit, which Craig and Rachel were eager to read through.

“Mould on the windows,” Craig read aloud from the first group, adding: “That is unacceptable and I’m going to have to address this.”

He continued to read: “How were the facilities? Tired and it needs TLC – scuffs and marks.

“Well, the hotel has been here 10 years now, and it is time to change a few things.”

He continued: “I’m definite that they’re going to say, ‘yes, they would come back.'”

However, Craig’s prediction was in fact incorrect as he turned the page to realise the guests did not want to stay again.

“I’m disappointed really with that – with the way that we’ve been marked there, I’m very surprised,” Craig admitted.

He and Rachel proceed to read through the next guests’ comments, which were very similar.

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When Craig saw a comment about the room being “overpriced,” he confessed he “disagreed”.

Rachel then asked: “Would they stay here again?” And the couple was disheartened to realise the next answer was also a no.

“It would be nice to have one that says they’re coming back…” Craig stated hopefully.

The final remarks to read through were Jo’s, and while he enjoyed some aspects of his stay, he wasn’t pleased by the breakfast the next morning.

As Craig read Jo’s comments that the food “lacked a wow factor,” he asked: “What are you expecting you know? The sausages to start dancing in front of you, something like that?”

Upon turning the page, the couple realised Jo also answered with a no to the question about returning.

“That’s three nos,” Craig said, placing his head in his hands. He went on: “So, I’ve got to say that I’m really disappointed – I don’t really know why they don’t want to come back.”

Four in a Bed continues on Wednesday at 5pm on Channel 4.

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