Four in a Bed owners mortified as guests point out hygiene issue

Four in a Bed owners mortified as guests point out hygiene issue

Four in a Bed: B&B owners reveals they don’t cook breakfast

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Four sets of hosts descended on Gateshead for the latest episode of Four in a Bed to try out Heather Mitchell’s hotel for the night. Newcastle native Heather was joined by her colleague Paul Conroy for the instalment of the show and they were determined to dazzle their guests with one of their nine rooms which cost up to £110 per night to stay in. However, Heather and Paul did not get a glowing review across the board.

Heather proudly told her guests she had been running the accommodation for a considerable amount of time.

“We’ve been here 22 years,” Heather explained to the guests who felt she came across as “competent” and “determined”.

As the episode got underway, she took them to Newcastle Castle which was built to protect the people of the city from the Scots.

The other owners, including sisters Debbie and Sharon, appeared impressed by Heather’s tour as well as the hotel’s interior which was red and white in the bedroom they stayed in.

However, business partners Mia and Emmanuel, who had only been in charge of the Mayfield Hotel for six months, discovered “loads of hair” in their bedding which they told the other guests was a problem.

When completing their feedback form they highlighted how much hair was on the bed and scored Heather a six for cleanliness.

“I also found a watermark on a glass,” she noted while completing the form.

Meanwhile, Debbie and her sister gave Heather a 10 for cleanliness as they gushed over the breakfast served at the venue.

All of the guests apart from Mia and Emmanuel said they would stay at the hotel in the future.

Heather and Paul were stunned by the negative feedback from Mia and Emmanuel when they were handed the forms back later on in the show.

“I’m actually quite astounded they’d give it [cleanliness] a six,” Heather fumed. “Lots of hairs on the bedding and towels?

“If it was little black hairs like that it was off the carpet.”

She did not seem pleased when the guests noted how she had ink stains on the pillows, adding: “I don’t know what to say about that, I haven’t got a clue why there would be ink stains on a pillow that was brand new.”

However, she perked up when the same guests gave her 10s for the comfiness of the beds and the full English breakfast.

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on Mia and Emmanuel’s harsh review of the hotel’s hygiene.

Gary penned: “10 for sleep… On the hairy bed, #fourinabed.”

10 for sleep … on the hairy bed #fourinabed

Arlette Kamellard said: “#Fourinabed So, find two minute hairs and a non-existent watermark in a glass and you won’t stay again and you dock four marks!

“Payback for the critique you got at your place. Nitpickers of the week, methinks.” (sic)

Marina shared: “Yesterday’s host found “lots” of hairs on the bed. Exaggerating much? #fourinabed.”

Four in a Bed continues on weekdays at 5pm on Channel 4.

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