Former Doctor Who star admits they’re ‘envious’ over new series

Former Doctor Who star admits they’re ‘envious’ over new series

Doctor Who: BBC release anniversary special trailer

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The 71-year-old star has admitted he’s a little green with envy over the flashy-looking new BBC series compared to his tenure on the series when the budget was considerably lower. Peter’s time traveller took on many villains during his time on Doctor Who including Omega, the Silurians and classics like the Master and the Cybermen. Some of his companions were Adric (played by Matthew Waterhouse), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) and Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding), among others.

Speaking about the more low-tech era while he was the Doctor, Peter said: “I was very envious of the special effects.

“We didn’t have a lot – we’re mainly down to green screen and rather cumbersome rubber monsters.”

But he hailed the show for now being part of the “digital age” and revealed he even popped along to the Doctor Who set when the show rebooted by Russell T. Davies.

Peter watched 10th Time Lord David Tennant filming on the show back in 2006 with the series featuring an array of shiny new special effects compared to the 1980s.

He said he was “very pleased” to see the show but said it looked “much better” with the special effects on screen.

Despite the changes, Peter said the series retained the “same degree of chaos and panic”.

Peter added to the “Nothing really ever changes, despite the technology.”

With Doctor Who marking its 60th anniversary this year after launching first in 1963, Peter also teased the chance of a cameo.

He said he was “always very happy to come back” should the opportunity present itself.

Although Peter isn’t in the show, Doctor Who is still very much part of his life with his daughter Georgia Tennant having starred in the show ironically playing the Time Lord’s daughter Jenny opposite David’s 10th incarnation.

Not only this, Georgia is also married to Doctor Who star David after the pair met on the programme.

Peter most recently appeared in Doctor Who in 2022 after he reprised his iconic role for a special episode marking the BBC 100, celebrating the broadcaster’s centenary.

Along with Peter, his co-star Janet was also back as companion Tegan to help save the day.

Moreover, Sophie Aldred returned as companion Ace and her Doctor Sylvester McCoy was also back for a small appearance.

The episode titled The Power of the Doctor also marked Jodie Whittaker’s swan song as the 13th Time Lord.

She regenerated but in a strange twist morphed into David’s 10th Doctor – something which will be explained later this year.

Both David and Cathrine Tate will be starring in a series of Doctor Who special episodes.

The show returns in earnest with Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa taking on the time traveller.

Ncuti has already won praise with one Doctor Who executive Joel Collins said of the star’s audition: “I just stood there, staring at him.

“I was blown away by this character who somehow embodied the Doctor, just by being there,” he added to the Doctor Who Magazine.

Russell is also coming back to the show as the head taking over from Chris Chibnall as he bows out.

Doctor Who will return to the BBC later this year to mark its 60th anniversary

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