Ferne McCann defends her boobs in rant at trolls who cruelly mocked her 'ironing board' figure

Ferne McCann defends her boobs in rant at trolls who cruelly mocked her 'ironing board' figure

The reality TV star ranted on Instagram that she had been bombarded with nasty comments after posting a crop top snap and asking fans to "caption this".

She said: "I'm laughing at the comments about my boobs. Cracks me up.

"I ask you guys to caption this and there are a lot of comments saying 'flat-chested', 'ironing board', 't*ts…gone'.

"It actually makes me laugh. Yeah, I'm not going to life, in that pose that I'm doing you can't actually see the t*ts.

"You see my boobs look much better from a front-on angle, especially when I'm wearing a push-up bra.

"Breast-feeding Sunday for six months, she did suck the living daylights out of them.

"They did drastically change after having a baby, but I do really appreciate your comments because it does make me and my boobs feel really good about myself.

"I feel like a lot of you guys, and it is mainly guys, have got a kind of blurred image of what a set of female boobs look like after having a baby.

"It's a good, good thing that not all men are boob men.

"Some like bums, some like legs, some like eyes.

"It's a good job I do lots of squats and I've got a nice juicy booty and I am 5ft 8", so suck my t*ts."

Ferne – who has just released a DVD called Fit as Ferne – has been showing off her incredible body on Instagram.

But she was hit with criticism over her body transformation from some fans.

One said: "No t*ties."

Another added: "Looking fit but where’s your boobs gone ? X."

Someone else said: "New ironing board covers?"

A fourth added: "Flat saggy small boobs not good sign of working out, I'm an X trainer raised 3 kids always had athletic looking body no over doing it . Skinny image is not a fit image sorry but true…"

But she was also defended by horrified fans who lashed out at those who left vile comments about Ferne.

One said: "Some people will always find something negative to comment on.

"I feel sorry for these people. They have something wrong with them. Because girl……. you are absolutely slaying here and slay every day!!!!! Keep doing you."

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