Eurovision final 2021 LIVE: James Newman to represent UK as favourites to win include Italy, France and Malta

Eurovision final 2021 LIVE: James Newman to represent UK as favourites to win include Italy, France and Malta

EUROVISION fans are eagerly excited for Eurovision 2021 after last year's singing competition was cancelled due to the pandemic.

The 2021 edition takes place at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam and will see 26 of the remaining countries battle it out for the prestigious prize.

The UK will be represented by the talented James Newman with his song Embers in tonight's final.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, he said: “Embers is about those sparks that don’t die out. When we were writing this, it felt like I wanted to show everyone that we were coming back together.

“It’s about having that connection and something reigniting. It’s about us emerging from this rubbish time we’ve been having. It fits with the idea that Eurovision is coming back.”

Italy, France and Malta are among the favourites to win this year's contest, based on odds from Paddy Power.

Other front runners include Switzerland and Iceland.

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  • Carl Greenwood


    Just in case you care – again a vlogger is one of the hosts this year (and I can't roll my eyes enough, frankly) here's who's going to be annoying us all between the music.

    Chantal Janzen is a Dutch actress, singer and TV presenter – so why not host Eurovision?

    Jan Smit is a Dutch singer and TV presenter – and also now a Eurovision host. He also does something with football, but that is nothing to do with tonight so moving on.

    Edsilia Rombley is a Dutch singer and television presenter and once represented the country in Eurovision in 2007 so she makes sense and can stay.

    Nikkie de Jager is one of the most popular beauty influencers around, with 12.8 million YouTube subscribers – and that apparently makes her qualified to host Eurovision.

    They're no Petra Mede, are they?

  • Carl Greenwood


    But considering what we're coming out of – I suggest doing it with tea.

    Decaf, obviously, some of us have to be up in the morning.

    The rules are simple – every time there's a bad song, you take a sip.

    So by about 8.20 you'll be on the 15th cup and spend the rest of the night running to the loo with a matter of urgency.

    And when Flo Rida pops up, all bets are off. I still don't know what he's doing here.

  • Carl Greenwood


    There's a logo too! And it's been described as – and I quote here – "simple, intelligent, minimalist and experimental".

    Oh and "festive".

    I can't say these are the first five words that popped into my mind when I first saw the logo, but I'm sure they would have arrived eventually.

  • Carl Greenwood


    Well, here we are. Just 90 minutes away from the Eurovision extravaganza beginning in Rotterdam.

    Now we do have to talk about this theme of 'Open Up'. It's not even a post-lockdown thing – it's just filth. Trust the Dutch.

    Anyway there are representatives from 26 countries competing tonight from someone called Hooverphonic (I assume they enjoy vacuuming) and the actual Flo Rida (I assumed he's had a big gas bill).

    Other things will be happening too – but let's not pre-load all our excitement in one go.

    That said there is also a "beauty vlogger" part hosting the series so that might push me over the edge by about twenty to nine.

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