Emmerdale’s schemer Maya offers vulnerable Jacob a shock opportunity

Emmerdale’s schemer Maya offers vulnerable Jacob a shock opportunity

Schooteacher Maya Stepney is set to offer Jacob Gallagher a shock opportunity in Emmerdale.

The terrible teacher has been messing around with her boyfriend’s son, a 15 year old in a shocking grooming storyline which has left viewers reeling.

And things took a horrendous turn when, on Christmas Day, Maya took Jacob away from the festivities of the surprise Dingle wedding to canoodle with her in a room far off, leaving fans feeling the soap had "ruined Christmas."

In the end, the show took an even worse turn when David Metcalfe arrived to have sex with his girlfriend, meaning Jacob had to hide in a cupboard and watch his father and the woman he thinks he loves having sex in front of him.

But things are set to take an even worse turn when Maya makes an offer to Jacob that he really can’t refuse.

The schemer offers to give Jacob some private tuition.

David, his dad, has no idea at all of her motives, and suggests it is a good idea, with no idea that his son’s heart is left pounding at the thought.

The chemistry between them crackles and he tells her he thinks her idea is brilliant, but what does she have planned?

Fans were disgusted by the Christmas Day antics, with many taking to social media to share their anger.

One fan took to social media to say: "This storyline is making me sick # Emmerdale

Another said: "HE IS 15 MAYA! # emmerdale," adding: "I want to vomit # Emmerdale"

A third viewer added: "Poor Jacob, having to actually listen to his Stepfather with the woman he genuinely seems to believe he’s currently in love with # Emmerdale

Another said: "christmas is ruined thank you #emmerdale"

A fifth added: "@ emmerdale @ ITV just ruined my Christmas # FeelSick # emmerdale # itv"

This storyline has been a thoroughly divisive one, with many shocked at what the pair have been getting up to, worrying about Jacob’s mental health once he realises what Maya has been doing to him.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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