Emmerdale fans sickened as Victoria Sugden's rapist Lee calls her a 'cheap tart' and says she 'asked for it'

Emmerdale fans sickened as Victoria Sugden's rapist Lee calls her a 'cheap tart' and says she 'asked for it'

EMMERDALE fans were left sickened when rapist Lee called his victim, Victoria Sugden, a "cheap tart".

Victoria's brother Robert confronted Lee alongside husband Aaron Dingle in shock scenes that aired tonight.

The two men went to Lee's car dealership and convinced him to take them on a test drive, with Robert attempting to get Lee to confess during the drive.

When Lee didn't take the bait, the protective brother pulled over the car and confronted the rapist in a field – shouting at him for what he'd done to his sister.

When Lee replied that he didn't know his sister, Robert hit back: "You don't know her, that didn't stop you from raping her, did it?"

Defending his crime, Lee sneered: "She's obviously not right in the head, she was well up for it.

"It was obvious she wanted it, why else would she invite me back to hers?

"She wanted it as much as I did, she was all over me like some cheap tart."

The comments horrified fans at home, who flocked to social media to slam the character.

One wrote: "'I thought she wanted it'… So that gave him the right to rape Victoria??"

Another added: "Kick the s*** out of him Robert!"

A third commented: "That Lee is a b*****d."

One angered fan tweeted: "Any brother would kick his f***ing head in!!!!"

A fifth simply remarked: "What a c**t!!!"

Needless to say, Robert was enraged by the comments, with Aaron forced to pull him away from Lee.

They let the car salesman go, with Aaron scolding his spouse for losing his cool.

The episode ended with Robert dramatically claiming that he had a plan to ruin Lee's life once and for all, concerning his husband.

Earlier this week, The Sun Online exclusively revealed that Ryan Hawley, who plays Robert, was quitting the ITV soap after five years – and fans have speculated that his exit might see him imprisoned for murdering Lee.

Fans were devastated when Victoria was raped by the mystery clubber earlier this year in harrowing scenes, with Robert's traumatised sister struggling to cope with the crime and not getting justice for what he did to her.

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