Emmerdale fans left baffled as they spot ‘major’ Chloe pregnancy blunder

Emmerdale fans left baffled as they spot ‘major’ Chloe pregnancy blunder
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    Emmerdale viewers were left baffled after Chloe made a return to the dales – with fans soon pointing out a “silly” pregnancy blunder.

    The hit ITV soap was back on TV screens on Tuesday (March 21) and minutes into the latest episode, Chloe and Sarah arrived back in the village from Scotland.

    Chloe has recently fallen pregnant after having a drunken one night stand with Mackenzie, the fiance of Sarah's grandmother Charity.

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    And it didn’t take long for viewers to fume over her arrival, with one raging: “Chloe's back. Meh.”

    Another added: “Oh ffs thought they'd be gone longer.”

    “Chloe, what the f*** are you doing back here?” mused a third viewer.

    Someone else chimed in: “What are those two doing back, they left like a few days ago.”

    “Chloe shows up like a bad penny just to wind Mack up,” said a fourth person.

    Other viewers, pointed out a major pregnancy blunder, noting how she “doesn’t look very pregnant.”

    “Shouldn’t Chloe actually have a baby bump by now or is she carrying a pancake?” joked one viewer at home.

    Another then added: “Chloe didn't look very pregnant. Isn't she into her 11th month by now?"

    "She just looks silly and not pregnant at all," proclaimed a third annoyed viewer.

    A fourth said: "Wow even I look more pregnant than Chloe."

    Mack was rattled to see Chloe back in the village – but she reassured him she was only there for a midwife appointment before heading back to Scotland.

    So far, Charity is oblivious that Mack cheated on her and is the baby daddy to Chloe's baby – even inviting her to stay with them after she was hospitalised.

    Elsewhere in Tuesday's episode, Mack also asked Moria to be his best man for his wedding to Charity and she started to organise the hen and stag.

    She eventually came up with a theme of Yorkshire v Scotland Highland games.

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