Elisa Lam’s spooky elevator CCTV clip spawn wild theories

Elisa Lam’s spooky elevator CCTV clip spawn wild theories

Chilling elevator footage of Elisa Lam has resurfaced following the new Netflix documentary that looked into the mystery death inside the Cecil Hotel.

The 2013 incident shook the world when the 21-year-old Canadian student went missing during a solo trip in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Elisa, whose Chinese name is Lam Ho Yi, was last seen at the Cecil Hotel on January 31 and the elevator CCTV clip showed her final moments before she vanished.

In the documentary Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, the four-minute-long video shows Elisa entering the lift and pressing rows of buttons before hiding in the corner, as if there's someone approaching.

She then peers out and looks around, moving in an awkward square dance motion in the corridor.

Journalist Josh Dean says: "She's waving her hands. It's like she's conjuring a spirit, or like acting something out to someone."

"And now, she appears to be counting with her fingers. It's just such bizarre behaviour."

Elisa then exits to the left of the lift and is never seen on any cameras after.

Josh adds: "You think, 'okay, that's gonna be the end of it'. But you're just looking at an empty elevator.

"What the hell is going on here?"

YouTuber John Lordan also thinks the edit of the CCTV has played a part in spurring wild paranormal theories of what happened to her.

He says: "She's literally not in the video past the 2:30 mark. And for some reason, that's also been released as part of this.

"It's one of those things that really makes you scratch your head and say, 'hmm, this is kind of weird'.

"It's like a mini ghost story built into four minutes and the story is about a girl who gets into an elevator. The elevator isn't working properly, the girl starts having some type of distress and leaves, and then, all of a sudden, the elevator goes back to normal operation. Why?"

"It's hard for me to say that there isn't something extremely dark and bizarre that's going on there."

Josh mentions that the lift door never shuts while Elisa is in the lift and out at the corridor the whole time, but it closes quickly after as if "nothing happens".

"Is there a missing clue here that I'm not seeing? Or is there something supernatural happening here?," he wonders.

"And then at 3:59, the video ends. I think most people who are seeing this video know what they're looking at.

"They're looking at the last known footage of a woman who's disappeared.

"And with that context in mind, the police, unwittingly, like, turned it into a mystery."

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