Eight simple tips and tricks to have the perfect garden this summer

Eight simple tips and tricks to have the perfect garden this summer

Things are finally heating up in the UK and temperatures are set to soar.

With many of us gearing up for garden parties, BBQs, pool parties and hot tub hangs, our gardens are at the forefront of our minds.

After No Mow May and Let It Bloom June, our lawns are our prides and joys – so how on earth will they recover following family gatherings and fun garden get-togethers?

People stomping around in heels or barefoot.

Food and packaging littered on the floor following a boozy afternoon.

Splashes from the kids in the pool.

Furniture weighing the grass down.

It sounds like all of our hard work looking after our lawns could be diminished in one single day.

What will the neighbours think?

Well, you’re not alone in worrying about the state of your garden this summer, because a new survey has found 75% are concerned about how to look after their lawn.

This has prompted lawn care specialists Greensleeves to share eight essential tips for keeping your garden tip top and summer ready this season.

Trust us, it’s never been easier to have evergreen grass all summer long.

Tips to follow before your garden parities and BBQs

Get weeding

Weeding can be a total bane.

It’s boring, you have to kneel down, and sometimes they pop back up repeatedly.

But it’s an important act of lawn maintenance if you’re going for gold, well green, this summer.

Cheryl Harper, Business Manager for Greensleeves says that weeding can instantly smarten a lawn up.

She explains how taking out any unwanted plants ‘will stop the grass having to compete for light, water and nutrients, making it look as healthy as possible during the party and putting it in better stead to grow back afterwards.’

Mow your lawn

If you’ve got hay fever you might want to wear a face covering for this one.

Mowing the lawn is the best way to get your garden party ready.

Cheryl recommends mowing three or five days prior to the big day for the sleekest finish.

Mowing your lawn on the day could leave big clumps of grass that look unsightly.

‘The weekend before, give the grass a trim, so any grass clippings have the chance to settle so they won’t spoil any guest’s clothing.

‘Then by cutting it the day before, it will all be an even length and look in great condition for the main event.’

Provide bins for guests

Whether it’s Glastonbury or a summer BBQ in your back garden, you’ll likely find litter strewn across the grass after any outdoor event.

Cheryl recommends setting up bins around the garden to avoid any litter from accumulating – which will also cut your clean up time after the gathering.

‘Old food from the barbecue such as bones and oil can affect and damage the grass.

‘Plus, any heavy or large items like plates and cups could crush and cover grass from the sun, which will decrease its chances of growing back quickly afterwards.’

Making sure you throw things away and encouraging your guests to do so will keep your garden looking luscious.

Keep your lawn dry

Rain is unavoidable in the UK, but if you refrain from watering your lawn before the party or gathering, you’ll be doing it a favour.

The footfall could turn your lawn into a mud bath, so it’s recommended that you keep the grass as dry as possible ‘to prevent furniture from sinking into it, and to stop the garden from being destroyed’.

After party lawn care

Aerate your grass

It’s recommended that once you’ve had a party or get together, you remove any gazebos and garden furniture.

Cheryl says that taking a garden fork and creating a set of holes every few feet ‘will allow any areas that have been compacted through footprints or weight, to take in air, water and nutrients’.

Re-seed or fertilise

After swimming pools or furniture has been sitting on the grass for a long period of time, it can begin to look lacklustre and almost yellow.

‘Depending on the condition of the lawn, pick a seed that most suits its state,’ Cheryl says, while urging us all to re-seed our grass.

‘If the grass has been completely killed, you will need to buy lawn feed or seeds to start from scratch.

‘If it’s discoloured, you will need to condition the lawn to bring back the rich, green, healthy appearance.’

Hydrate it

Prior to a party it’s important you don’t swamp your lawn with water – but you do need to keep it hydrated. It’s a tricky balance.

‘As we get further into the summer, the hotter temperatures will dry the grass out,’ Cheryl explains, ‘which could keep the colour brown.

‘Water new seed consistently, once or twice per day until new grass sprouts grow through, but if fertilising wait a few hours until the garden is dry first.’

Keep off the grass

Now for the hard part – stay off the lawn if you can.

‘If possible, avoid using the grass.

‘Any new grass seedlings can be easily damaged, so it’s important to let them breathe until they are standing at a strong two-three inches tall.’

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