Eight huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Jacob's recovery following Maya's pregnancy reveal

Eight huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Jacob's recovery following Maya's pregnancy reveal

EMMERDALE's Jacob Gallagher will begin therapy next week as he struggles to deal with Maya’s early release from prison.

But will the traumatised stepson finally move on from his twisted teacher? Here’s the lowdown from the Dales

1. Marlon sides with Kim

Bitter about Graham’s romance with Rhona, Kim tries to poison Marlon against him and implies that her ex Graham is a danger to their son Leo.

Rhona stumbles upon the chat and is furious that Marlon has sided with Kim. 

She manages to sweet-talk her former lover into softening his stance towards Graham. 

Later at the cafe, Kim promises Kim that Marlon’s new indifference towards Graham won’t last. 

Rhona confides in Graham about Kim’s threats – and fearing that Kim has a trick or two up her sleeve to destroy their relationship, Graham’s anxiety is seen to skyrocket. 

2. Kim exposes Graham’s secrets

The blonde baddie sends Graham a text asking for her employees to meet her at the pub for an announcement. 

Kim is determined to see Graham’s downfall after he rejected her and humiliated her in public. 

Graham is lost for words as Kim airs his dirty laundry in public and Rhona is also in shock at the announcement.

After the shock revelation, Graham heads to Rhona’s to grovel – but on the way Marlon stops him in his tracks and starts throwing punches. 

But exactly what does she reveal?

3. Bernice plans an unusual gift 

Bernice panics when Liam reveals he’s got her a gift for their wedding day. 

Overwhelmed and desperate to match his efforts, she convinces herself an ordinary gift won’t do and begins planning a grand gesture.

But what exactly has she got up her sleeve?

We’ve got a feeling it’s not going to go smoothly…

4. A phone call to Dee Dee causes chaos

With Bernice’s hen do and Liam’s stag night in full swing, Bernice misses several calls on her phone. 

As they celebrate their devotion to each other, a shocked Dee Dee takes a call.  

She receives a shock revelation that threatens to change everything.

With Samantha Giles – who plays Bernice Blackstock – quitting Emmerdale will the pair manage to tie the knot?

5. Jacob plans to begin therapy 

Emmerdale viewers have watched a traumatised Jacob struggle with his feelings in the aftermath of Maya’s abuse, which has affected his ability to have healthy relationships with other women. 

Fans saw Jacob leave Maya a lovesick voicemail last night as she was released from prison, but Maya was quick to delete his contact on her phone. 

But it looks like things might be looking up for Jacob next week as he and David begin making plans for the teenager to see a counsellor

Could this help Jacob finally recover from the abuse?

With Maya’s pregnancy bombshell, it looks like his struggles are far from over… 

6. Cain and Moira continue their feud

Kyle asks an upset Moira to come to his birthday party. 

But with Moira and Cain still at each others’ throats, it seems Cain has other plans. 

With no desire to play happy families with Moira, Cain has something up his sleeve. 

But what is he planning?

7. Dawn uncovers Al’s secret

Dawn could be heading for trouble as she uncovers a secret Al has been keeping under wraps. 

Viewers have watched the businessman partner with Emmerdale villain Kim Tate.

More recently, Al has taken on a bigger role within Kim’s business. 

He’s then spotted doing some dodgy dealings by Billy’s new flame Dawn. 

Is this going to cause trouble between Al and Billy?

8. Jimmy steps in to look after Archie

Viewers were shocked to see Jimmy get unfairly accused of abusing Jai Sharma’s son.

Jai accused him after noticing bruises on his son and asking Arthur what had happened. 

Arthur then maliciously blamed Jimmy for the bruises he had actually caused himself.  

Next week, when the childminder cancels on Laurel, Jimmy is keen to put the abuse accusations behind him. 

Jimmy bravely steps in and offers to look after Archie.

But how will a hostile Jai react?

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