EastEnders’ Zack death ‘sealed’ as fans work out brutal Sam Mitchell fling twist

EastEnders’ Zack death ‘sealed’ as fans work out brutal Sam Mitchell fling twist

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Fans have predicted a brutal ending for Zack on EastEnders after the heartthrob cheated on Nancy Carter.

The resident player recently strayed away from his beloved girlfriend after getting drunk with Samantha Mitchell and having a one-night stand with Phil's younger sister.

But their secret rendezvous was almost rumbled by Zack's older sister, Sharon Watts believed she had spent the night listening to him and Nancy.

Shortly after she left her home, Sam wandered down the stairs in a barely-there outfit – much to Zack's horror.

Hoping to cause some drama, Sam opened Sharon's front door wearing just a hoodie and a towel on her head.

But now fans think they've figured out a brutal ending for the barman.

"Shirley will kill you Zack if she knew the truth #EastEnders," said one.

While a second added: "Oh Nancy, I'm pleased she's apologised it's just a shame that Zack has shown his true colours in the end #EastEnders."

"Too late to have regrets now Zack. Sam gave you the choice to sleep with her and you agreed #EastEnders," commented another.

As Monday night's episode drew to a close, Nancy and her family were left horrified when Zack's infidelity was finally brought to light.

During a memorial for the late Tina Carter, Nancy was horrified when she received a message explaining that her parcel for Zack had been delivered.

As with most deliveries nowadays, the courier took a picture of the door being opened where the parcel had been left and much to Zack's horror, it wasn't something he wanted to publicise.

An image of Sam in her smalls, as well as an almost naked Zack, was projected across The Albert with "Package delivered" written across the snap, showing Sam picking up the parcel.

Zack has previously confessed his fling to pal Martin Fowler who also believed he'd had a raunchy night with Nancy.

"That weren't Nancy, mate," explained Zack to a now-horrified Martin.

He went on to reveal that it was in fact Sam Mitchell who he'd slept with Sam, with Martin saying: "You never, I used to have the biggest crush on her when I was growing up, sorry mate, you do need to tell Nancy though, you know that.

"I've been there, I know it's not nice for someone to tell you they've done the dirty on you but she'll find out and it's better coming from you than some random down The Vic."

EastEnders airs weekdays at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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