EastEnders to air devastating twist in suicide storyline?

EastEnders to air devastating twist in suicide storyline?

Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) was put in the most impossible situation by a desperate Dinah Baker (Anjela Lauren Smith) in EastEnders as she was asked to help end her suffering.

Dinah’s terminal illness has been getting worse and the guilt of being a burden to her daughter Bailey has been weighing down on her shoulders.

After suffering a fall and learning she had pneumonia, it seemed to be the last straw for Dinah.

As she had a heart to heart with Karen about how she was suffering, she asked her if she’d do her a big favour.

‘Will you help me?’ she asked. ‘Put an end to this.’ Karen immediately got upset as Dinah spoke of how her health will deteriorate until she dies unless she takes control now.

‘It’s time, it’s my time,’ she said.

But a distraught Karen tried to convince her otherwise, saying it was just depression speaking and she should chalk it up to having a bad day. Dinah reaffirmed she’d had enough.

But as it’s been confirmed that Dinah will indeed pass away in the coming weeks, will Karen be responsible, and what will it mean for her? How will Bailey cope?

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