EastEnders star reveals Howie's 'hate' as son Denzel deceives him

EastEnders star reveals Howie's 'hate' as son Denzel deceives him

Denzel (Jaden Ladega) gets himself trapped in a web of lies in upcoming EastEnders episodes, as he enters a writing competition, but isn’t entirely truthful about his work.

It transpires that Denzel’s application features a story he took from a TV show he watched with Amy (Ellie Dadd) and fears he’ll be exposed during his upcoming interview with the Walford Gazette.

Unfortunately, it isn’t long until Denzel’s dad, Howie (Delroy Atkinson) discovers what’s going on and is forced to go along with the false narrative in the interview, which leads to Denzel promising another chat with his grandparents, who he claims are the inspiration behind his story!

Caught in quite a predicament, Howie ‘hates’ the fact Denzel has lied, according to actor Delroy Atkinson.

‘He’s been put in this position where he was proud five minutes ago and now, he’s not but he wants to help Denzel because he feels guilty about being a bad dad so he tries to do what he can to help him sort it and find a solution.’

It’s been fructuous to be frank’, Delroy said, reflecting on the relationship between Howie and Denzel.

‘Howie gets things wrong, and Denzel’s a regular teenager and there’s just been a shift where it feels like problem after problem, so that’s again why Howie was so excited about this as is the first time he’s seen something positive happen for Denzel and between them both, so he really wants to put in the effort to try and bond with son.’

To try and help the situation, Howie looks to Patrick (Rudolph Walker) for advice, someone Delroy describes as Howie’s ‘closest friend’ in Walford.

‘Being the elder, I imagine it quite easy for Howie to fall back on Patrick and Patrick’s influence is massive on Howie’, he added. ‘I imagine I would do the same if I had a Patrick in my life.’

While the advice from Patrick may be a good idea, the same probably can’t be said when it comes to finding a solution for the problem, as Howie asks Rocky (Brian Conley) and we all know that where Rocky is, chaos and trouble follows.

‘Howie comes up with the initial idea to ask Patrick, and Rocky’s idea is to bring Vi round and suggests that she plays Howie’s step mum’, Delroy explained.

‘We have a few hijinks between Patrick and Vi while we’re leading up and rehearsing them into the roles!’.

Let’s hope it goes to plan!

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