EastEnders star reveals Gina's self destructive pain amid mum 'Rose' reveal

EastEnders star reveals Gina's self destructive pain amid mum 'Rose' reveal

The identity of Rose Knight has finally been revealed as Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) and EastEnders fans are absolutely losing their minds.

However, the truth still remains a mystery to daughters Anna and Gina (Molly Rainford and Francesca Henry), who have spent the last nine years wondering what happened to their mum.

In upcoming scenes, the Knight girls will finally learn their mother’s secret, which will send Gina spiralling, as actress Francesca Henry revealed.

‘Gina is a lot more sensitive than she appears and I think she’s absorbed a lot of the emotional damage that’s happened to them [Gina and Anna] before they arrived in Walford.

‘She’s been like a bit of an emotional punch bag growing up which is why she is quite front footed and defensive in situations where she doesn’t have to be.’

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Anna is the first of the sisters to discover the truth, and soon she is eager to confide in Gina.

However, the mention of her their mum leaves Gina rocked, and she decides she doesn’t want to know what Anna has to say.

‘I think she has gone through that thing that often happens with the older female sibling where she has assumed a lot of the maternal role, in making house and emotionally for her sister and for her dad,’ Francesca said of Gina’s complex emotions surrounding Rose.

‘Gina has a lot of pain and resentment to her mum for putting her in that position. I feel like there is an element of Gina that feels like Anna is being ungrateful to her own sacrifices.’

Eventually, the secret is revealed to Gina by Elaine (Harriet Thorpe), with Francesca revealing that she reacts ‘very badly’.

‘I don’t think she lets herself feel anything,’ she explained.

‘She’s a person that has to shake pain off. She doesn’t sit in any emotion for very long, she burns through everything. Shame, pain, happiness, the highs, the lows. Everything she burns through really quickly.

‘This is an extremely painful emotion for her so she needs to burn through it as quickly as possible to get to the other side of it. And she does that in a very self-destructive, but probably a very predictable and understandable way.’

With Gina set to drink herself into oblivion as the truth comes out, will she ever recover from learning the truth?

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