EastEnders spoilers: Ruby Allen demands justice as she faces her rapists in court

EastEnders spoilers: Ruby Allen demands justice as she faces her rapists in court

As the week kicks off, Stacey Fowler – who is still not on good terms with Martin over his friendships with Ruby’s attacker – heads over to see her friend and drop some presents off for her.

But, in upcoming soap scenes, the mum of three is horrified by what she finds when she gets there.

Later, Ruby – played by Louisa Lytton – shows her more of the online abuse she’s been getting over the rape.

Stacey – Lacey Turner – is appalled at what she sees and gets an idea of how to help Ruby.

But Ruby soon becomes annoyed at Stacey’s insistence that she goes to court as Matt and Ross face their initial hearing over their charges.

Ruby isn’t keen on going and is frustrated by Stacey who keeps urging her to show her face.

Once alone though, it’s clear Ruby intended to go all along and sets off.

But what will happen in court?

Last week the BBC One soap aired and episode which showed several characters debate the issue of sexual consent.

The entire episode was set in the Queen Vic pub and viewers took to Twitter to praise the soap for addressing the subject with a powerful debate.

Tweets poured in following the dramatic episode set in the Queen Vic pub, that saw Ruby confront the men charged with attacking her.

Praising the show, one viewer tweeted: "Interesting debate on #EastEnders about rape and consent, powerful stuff!"

And one person commented: "#EastEnders covered the whole rape debate from every angel and opinion possible. Scary how many different perspectives there are when it comes to this!"

As another viewer admitted: "Powerful #EastEnders Stacey tonight, the rape storyline is encompassing the #metoo movement, and opening up so many facets of the debate."

And another said: "Brilliant use of all the characters to get to the heart of the issues around rape. Wish EastEnders was always this good."

The Walford locals had no idea it was Ruby Allen who accused the two men of rape, after it appeared on the front page of the Walford Gazette.

Ruby wasn't named but she became tearful when she overheard the conversations going on around her and confided in Linda Carter.

Denise Fox insisted "rape is rape" as her partner Kush said men should be allowed to use being drunk as a defences.

Meanwhile, Patrick said: "Any man who makes a woman do something she doesn't want to do is evil."

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