EastEnders sex shock as Sharon and Keanu reignite their passion

EastEnders sex shock as Sharon and Keanu reignite their passion

There were some smouldering scenes in EastEnders tonight as Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) were pulled back into one another’s world – and pants. With Keanu devastated that Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) had terminated her pregnancy – something he is unaware she has lied about – he hit the bottle hard in the Vic.

When Sharon heard from Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) that Keanu was in a state, she helped him out and followed him to the Arches where he bitterly blamed her for everything including Louise’s decision to have a termination.

Sharon also doesn’t know that Louise has had a change of heart and as she and Keanu had a heated discussion, they got to the root of their own unresolved feelings for each other. And as they both admitted they had kept their distance because they still loved each other, Sharon tried to leave but Keanu grabbed her arm and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

With Louise reconsidering her position on her relationship with Keanu, and Phil (Steve McFadden) looking for his wife, both were unaware that they were undressing one another in the Arches.

But will they regret it once the deed is done or will they resume their secret affair and add another complexity to the ongoing drama in the Mitchell household?

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