EastEnders 'confirms' new Cindy affair with surprise Walford favourite

EastEnders 'confirms' new Cindy affair with surprise Walford favourite

Cindy Beale (Micelle Collins) has never been one to commit to just one man, as her first stint in EastEnders proved, and she may be set to continue that tradition in upcoming episodes.

After returning to Albert Square, all hell breaks loose for Cindy and Ian (Adam Woodyatt), who soon seek refuge in Alfie Moon’s (Shane Richie) flat.

With Cindy in turmoil from recent events and ladies man Alfie offering his support, will Cindy fall into his warm embrace?

Actress Michelle Collins has revealed that it would be ‘disappointing’ if Cindy didn’t return to her old, adulterous ways.

‘I think I would be disappointed if those situations didn’t happen! Cindy was never going to come back and be a nun, was she really? I don’t know. I can’t tell you too much.’

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Alfie himself has made his fair share of mistakes, having once cheated on soulmate Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) with sister Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth), so we hardly think he’d be likely to bat an eyelid.

And, having recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, he may also need a listening ear of his own.

Could he be set to bond with Cindy behind Ian’s back?

As if things weren’t complicated enough in this scenario, we can’t ignore the fact that Cindy’s husband George Knight (Colin Salmon) is living just down the street.

If Cindy didn’t cheat on Ian with Alfie, what’s to stop her going back to George?

Ian has already shown some concerns about Cindy being around her old family, though he has flatly denied it when called out.

With so many temptations around, is Ian set to lose Cindy all over again?

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