EastEnders' April Fool prank is iconic as they reveal brilliant Danny Dyer scene

EastEnders' April Fool prank is iconic as they reveal brilliant Danny Dyer scene

One of the most gripping storylines over the last year of EastEnders was the violent war between Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) and Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ). It involved shootings, prison bullying, threats, hostages and extreme punch ups. But an April Fool prank by the show set out to make fans to think it was all a ruse – and it’s hilarious.

Before the lunchtime mark where it’s totally immoral to try and fool people again, EastEnders released a video claiming to be from tonight’s episode which ‘revealed the truth about Mick and Stuart’s feud’ at last.

As they faced off in the Vic, they started laughing together and were in awe with themselves for tricking their loved ones into believing they hated each other. As they laughed about how far they went, Stuart chuckled: ‘I can’t believe you did the whole prison thing!’

To which Mick then retorted: ‘And you, taking that bullet!’

As they exclaimed that they couldn’t wait to see everyone’s faces, they hugged, only for Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White) to walk in. Mick and Stuart quickly regained composure as Mick bitterly ordered him to get out.

The video is a classic April Fool and yet some in the comments were unsure over whether it was a serious resolution to the story or not – can you imagine!?

The ITV soaps also tried their hand at some April Fools pranks, with Emmerdale mocking up a Downton Abbey picture with cast members to imply that a special set in 1912 was coming while Corrie used archive footage to reveal that they were going to explore the earlier year of 1902 before the era of the Barlows and the Rovers.

But in terms of being so tongue in cheek, we reckon the Walford lot have got to take the trophy this year. And aren’t you proud of us for not falling for it and writing it up as an actual spoiler?

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