Dominic West insists marriage to wife Catherine FitzGerald ‘is completely fine’ as she flies to Ireland

Dominic West insists marriage to wife Catherine FitzGerald ‘is completely fine’ as she flies to Ireland

DOMINIC West has insisted his marriage to wife Catherine FitzGerald “is completely fine” as she flies to Ireland and leaves him in the U.K.

The gardener and designer, 49, has reunited with her mum Olda at the family's Glin Castle home, in County Limerick, for a "work trip".

Catherine’s trip comes after her husband was embroiled in a kissing scandal with Lily James while on holiday in Rome.

Dominic confirmed his wife’s trip to the Mail Online, telling them: “She's on a work trip. She's gone by herself.”

And when asked if they are still together, West laughed and said: “Of course we are, very much together. Our relationship is fine.”

When The Wire star was asked about his trip to Rome, he replied: “It's nobody's business.”

Catherine will be staying at the family’s 14th century ancestral home, which they bought last year to rescue it from being sold on.

A source said: "She's here. She's just trying to get some rest, totally understandably after what she's been through. 

"We had photographers here last week but there's strictly no admittance to the castle grounds and she's not coming out anyway. The Gardai [police] moved them on.

"This is her home, her favourite place in the world and she feels safe here. It's natural that she'd come home to her mother. It must be hell what she's going through."

The ancient castle where Catherine will be living can be hired for £6,000-a-night and has been rented out by superstar guests, including Taylor Swift and Mick Jagger.

Dominic previously revelled in the estate's rich history as he playfully revealed secret passageways, quirky tales and cherished antiques.

Earlier today it was reported that Dominic had vowed to make it up to Catherine, with whom he has four children, after he was pictured kissing co-star Lily on a short break in Rome.

The Affair actor, 51, and Lily, 31, were seen kissing and cuddling on a flight to the city earlier this month, before being pictured looking cosy together in the Italian capital.

Dominic and Catherine put on a united front outside their home upon his return and insisted their relationship was solid.

Now a source has told New! magazine: "This all might be down to a midlife crisis – and that's what we're told [Catherine] has put it down to.

"He's apparently told Catherine it wasn't as bad as the pictures look. He wants to make it up to her – it's embarrassing.

"He loves her and wants to be with her and wants to keep his family together."

The Sun Online has contacted Dominic and Catherine's representatives for comment.

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