Dog the Bounty Hunter and fiance Francie Frane hunt wanted ‘meth dealer’ fugitive in Virginia – The Sun

Dog the Bounty Hunter and fiance Francie Frane hunt wanted ‘meth dealer’ fugitive in Virginia – The Sun

DOG The Bounty Hunter is back to work as he and fiance Francie Frane hunt an alleged meth dealer in Virginia.

This manhunt could be featured in his upcoming show after he teased fans with a return to TV.

Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, traveled all the way to Albemarle County, Virginia to help authorities catch Felix Chujoy.

The fugitive was directly indicted by a grand jury in Augusta County in May for manufacturing and distributing meth and Dog is on the hunt for him as he believes he's in the area, CBS 19 News reported on Monday.

The 67-year-old was accompanied by his fiance Francie, hinting that she has also joined the family business, similarly to his late ex-wife, Beth Chapman.

The former reality TV star also talked to reporters about how COVID-19 has changed the way he hunts down fugitives.

"The way I recognize people is facial features, which includes eyes, face and all that," he said.

"Most of my fugitives right now are walking around with their face covered. Shades on, face covered and a hat. You'll never know it."

Fans could potentially get a glimpse of the manhunt for Chujoy as Duane has seemingly returned to filming.

The widow reshared a photo posted by Nick Walker, a supervising producer on Dog's Most Wanted, of a car getting rigged out with cameras.

The crew member captioned the first shot: “Rolling deep with my homies #dogthebountyhunter.”

When a fan asked if he was filming for Dog, he confirmed that he is, in fact, filming for the bounty hunter.

The reality star then posted some of his behind-the-scenes content later on Sunday, including a video of Nick “working with his 360-[degree] camera.”

Dog added that this is all part of his and his show’s “next chapter.”

His A&E series Dog the Bounty Hunter premiered in 2004 before getting canceled in 2012.

Its first spinoff, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, ran on CMT from 2013 to 2015 and followed Duane, his late wife Beth, their son Leland, and Leland's son Dakota as they helped catch criminals.

Who was Dog Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth Chapman and how did she die?

Beth Chapmandied last year after battling cancer for years. She was only 51.

Between them, the couple had two children together, Bonnie and Garry, but their family included another 10 children from previous marriages.

Beth was first diagnosed with stage two throat cancer in November 2017 and it later worsened to stage four.

She passed away in June of 2019.

A&E’s film, Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives, then aired in 2017 and profiled the Chapman family patriarch and his wife as she battled throat cancer.

A couple of years later, in September 2019, Dog’s Most Wanted aired season 1 on WGN America.

During June 2019, while filming for the spinoff, Beth was hospitalized due to complications from her cancer and died a few days later.

Now, Dog, who recently got engaged to girlfriend Francie, is returning to filming for the next stage of his reality TV career.

He has not yet revealed which of his family members, if any, will be involved in this new chapter of the Dog the Bounty Hunter franchise.

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