Does Rodolfo die in Who Killed Sara?

Does Rodolfo die in Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara: Manolo Cardona stars in Netflix trailer

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Who Killed Sara is a Mexican drama which has became an international hit on Netflix. The series is a murder mystery where Alex (played by Manolo Cardona) has been released after 18 years in prison for killing his sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid), a crime he didn’t commit. Upon his release, Alex is hell-bent on finding out who the real murderer is.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Who Killed Sara.

Does Rodolfo die in Who Killed Sara? 

Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones) was the boyfriend of Sara at the time of her death.

He is a member of the Lazcano crime family which made Alex believe he could be the reason why Sara is dead.

Throughout much of season one, Alex blames Rodolfo and tries to find the evidence to prove this.

But later on it is revealed by Alex’s anonymous help Diane the Huntress that he is in fact innocent and the investigation needs to continue.

While going through Sara’s belongings, he comes across a picture that she drew of a grave which Alex recognises.

He runs to the site and after a little bit of digging, he discovered a skull with a bullet hole in it.

Following this, there is a flashback showing Cesar Lazcano (Ginés García Millán) shooting someone but it isn’t revealed who.

This has led some fans to question if Cesar murdered his own son, who had previously confronted him about the sex trafficking ring.

So would Cesar have murdered Rodolfo to keep him quiet about his illicit activities?

First off, the skull cannot be that of Rodolfo’s as it would have to mean that he was killed years ago.

As he has featured in the present-day scenes, the skull has got to belong to someone else.

But it doesn’t mean Cesar couldn’t have shot Rodolfo in the present day.

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The crime boss may have been responsible for either the death of the mysterious person in the grave, Rodolfo or perhaps both.

However, as of yet, there is no clear indication that Sara’s ex-boyfriend has died.

Actor Alejandro Nones, who plays Rodolfo, has already been confirmed for the second season as well.

Who Killed Sara has quickly been renewed by Netflix for season two.

The drama will be returning for a new lot of episodes in just a few weeks time, despite only coming out last month.

Who Killed Sara season two will be out on Netflix from Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

Who Killed Sara is available to watch on Netflix.

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