Do you remember Anita Manning’s most expensive Antiques’ Road Trip find?

Do you remember Anita Manning’s most expensive Antiques’ Road Trip find?

Anita Manning is best known for presenting Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip, where she looks for hidden treasures to sell at a profit! But did you know that she scored one of the all-time best profits on Antiques Road Trip? Get the details…

Back in 2016, the 72-year-old paid £50 for a Buddha statue, which was then sold for £3,800 at auction, giving her a 7,500 per cent profit. Anita was amazed by how much the item went for, but said she bought it out of a “gut instinct”, saying: “You know when you get a wee feeling about something?” 

Anita made a 7,500 per cent profit on her find

Speaking about the amazing win, Anita said: “Things like that can happen, so get out into your antique shops and keep searching!”

Chatting about her career in antiques, Anita previously told the BBC: “Although I have always been interested in Antiques, and loved their sense of history, their beauty, craftsmanship and design, I did not start my working life aiming to be an auctioneer or be involved in the antique trade (in fact sometimes I still wonder what I’m going to be when I grow up). 


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“But fate put the opportunity in my path and being an adventurous sort of gal I changed direction and set up Great Western Auctions with my daughter Lala in Glasgow in 1989, becoming one of Scotland’s first woman auctioneers.” 

Anita’s expensive find comes only second to Paul Laidlaw, who sold a £60 camera for £20,000 back in 2018. At the time, he said: “I have no words, I’m over the moon. I genuinely am flabbergasted.” 

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