Did Jordan Peele quit acting?

Did Jordan Peele quit acting?

ACTOR Jordan Peele is best known for his work in comedy and horror flicks.

Peele became a household name in 2003 when he joined the cast of Fox's Mad TV, spending five seasons on the show and appearing in nearly 100 episodes.

Did Jordan Peele quit acting?

Since retiring from acting in 2018, Peele has made a name for himself as an accomplished director and screenwriter.

His directorial debut came in 2017, with the horror film Get Out, for which he received critical and box office acclaim.

During the 2018 Directors Guild of America Awards, Peele joked about his retirement from acting after offered a role on the animated family film The Emoji Movie.

Peele said in a speech. “I was offered the role of Poop.”

“This is true,” he reassured the audience. “I would not make this up.”

When Peele’s manager told him about the offer, Peele responded, “That’s f***ed up.”

He called his manager back the next day to see what they were offering for the role, but they had already offered it to Patrick Stewart.

 "I was like, ‘f*** this,'" as he decided to focus on other creative pursuits rather than acting.

What did he say about watching himself on film?

Peele doubled down on his retirement during a virtual fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Georgia with Bradley Whitford.

“I like watching my movies. I can watch the films I direct [but] watching me perform just feels like… a bad kind of masturbatory,” Peele said after Whitford asked if acting was behind him.

“It’s masturbation you don’t enjoy. I feel like I got to do so much and it is a great feeling.

When I think about those great moments when you’re basking in something you said that feels funny. When I think about all that, I think I got enough.”

What shows and movies has Jordan Peele appeared in?

Peele and Mad TV collaborator Keegan-Michael Key created and starred in their own Comedy Central seriesKey & Peele.

In 2014, they appeared together as FBI agents in the first season of the FX series Fargo.

In 2016, Peele and Key wrote and starred in Keanu.

His voice acting resume includes roles in the films Storks, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, Big Mouth and Toy Story 4.

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