Dick Strawbridge’s family cry as Escape to the Chateau ends

Dick Strawbridge’s family cry as Escape to the Chateau ends

Escape to the Chateau: Family cries as series comes to an end

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Escape to the Chateau’s final ever episode aired on Sunday night and saw Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree throw an epic Christmas party to mark the end of an era. After thanking their guests for all their help and support over the years, the family broke down in tears as the show drew to a close.

The party took days of preparation, with Angel wanting to make sure that every minute detail was perfect for her guests.

They put on an enormous spread of food, with the help of one lucky guest from each table to help serve the feast.

Wanting to thank their guests, Angel exclaimed: “We are so so grateful to have everybody here, our family, friends, old and new and our wonderful team we just love you so so so much.”

Dick added: “Not everybody could be with us tonight, and they are being missed but they are always with us in our hearts and we know that.

“We are so grateful that you are actually here with us because we are now in the glorious situation to be here with you all because we can.

“You are all very special to us, all of you, thank you.”

A massive firework display was then put on outside their chateau which left their children, Arthur and Dorothy, surprised.

Watching the show, Arthur explained: “This is the best day of my life!”

As Angel turned to her husband, she told him: “I love you so much,” before noticing her son was in floods of tears.

“Oh baby, these are just such happy tears! That was beautiful, wasn’t it? Look at that, look at everybody partying!” she consoled.

Angel added: “What a journey it has been, and we have done it as a team! I love you so much.”

Dick told the children: “Without you two we wouldn’t have done this you know! If it wasn’t for you two we wouldn’t have done this!”

Wiping away Arthur’s tears, Angel told him: “Happy tears! Don’t go into the party with a sad face!”

After watching the final episode, viewers took to their Twitter pages to express how sad they were that the show was coming to an end.

Katherine Hassell commented: “#EscapeToTheChateau is just the most extraordinary series with the most extraordinary family. What a beautiful ending.”

Cheryl Dawe added: “@dickstrawbridge What an emotional show, will miss you and your beautiful family on my tv. Thank you for bringing us joy and inspiration. Wishing you love and happiness xx #escapetothechateau.”

Eve Ballard emotionally tweeted: “I’m so upset, cannot believe we’re not going to see any more of your adventures. Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories over the years. We will miss you all so much. #escapetothechateau.”

Dace Parkes said: “Brilliant 8 years. All the best and hopefully you will keep us updated on what’s going on with #escapetothechateau.”

Joyce Jordan exclaimed: “What a wonderful if a sad end to #escapetothechateau. What an incredible series this has been, it’s been a great adventure with Dick, Angela & the family from the 1st show. Tonight’s Christmas finale was beautiful & emotional. Merry Christmas.”

Whilst @staffblade999 praised: “Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey, restoring your beautiful home has been a pleasure to watch, you are a lovely family. Best wishes for the future #Escapetothechateau.” (sic)

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All4.

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