Denise Welch talks openly about the reality of suicide

Denise Welch talks openly about the reality of suicide

***Warning: Contains sensitive topics that some may find upsetting***

Denise Welch has opened up about the reality of suicide as she detailed the heartbreak of her own mental health battle.

The Coronation Street star appeared on Wednesday’s Lorraine alongside her husband Lincoln, where she recalled her own experience of living with depression.

‘People sometimes feel Lorraine that when somebody is depressed, clinically depressed, they don’t understand what to do,’ the actress began.

‘You wouldn’t say to someone who is in bed with a serious physical illness “Come on now, you’ve had that a month, you look fine to me, put your trainers on and I’ll take you out and we’ll have a lovely meal”.’

‘The clinically depressed person, like myself, is in a catatonic state where I can’t even talk or move, so what Lincoln does is, he knows that circumstances won’t change that, the illness has got to lift itself,’ she added.

‘He just tries to be there, keep people away from me if that’s what I want and remove things from my diary until I get well again.’

The soap star went on to explain how it feels to her, and many other people, when she’s going through an episode of depression.

‘If I am going through an episode and someone came to my front door and said “Everything you wanted in life is going to happen, you’ve got that amazing film and your children are going to be rich beyond their wildest dreams”,’ she continued.

‘If someone said my family had been wiped out by an aircraft disaster I would feel nothing.

‘The reason people sometimes have to take their own lives is because they feel there is nothing worse than feeling nothing.

‘Depression depresses every single thing, every single emotion and people who take their own lives don’t want to die, they want to stop the pain.’

Viewers took to Twitter to praise Denise for speaking out and raising awareness of mental health.

One tweeted: ‘I’m so pleased that Denise & Lincoln have spoken about this today!! This is something I suffer with and more people need to learn about it.’

Another commented: ‘I have to applaud Denise Welch’s passion for helping others with mental health issues. She spoke so eloquently you’d need to be made of stone not to understand or care.’

One added: ‘It is heart-breaking to hear how Denise still suffers from debilitating depression. It is true that it debilitates you.’

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