Death in Paradise: What does Shyko Amos really think of co-star Tobi Bakare?

Death in Paradise: What does Shyko Amos really think of co-star Tobi Bakare?

Death in Paradise is a lot of fun on-screen so it makes sense that the actors have a good laugh behind the camera as well. Actor Shyko Amos revealed a number of secrets from filming on the show to the BBC, including what she really thinks of her co-stars. has all you need to know about the crime drama.

What does Shyko Amos really think of co-star Tobi Bakare?

Death in Paradise season eight introduced the new character of Officer Ruby Patterson (played by Shyko Amos) into the Honoré police team.

Fans quickly fell in love with the rookie police officer who doesn’t always play by the rules.

In the series, viewers watched as she was mentored by – and sometimes clashed with – Officer JP Hooper (Tobi Bakare) on the police force.

Speaking about their characters’ dynamics in season eight, actor Amos said: “JP is the class boffin, he wants to do well and he wants to get it right.

“This is the job he’s wanted to do, he’s very studious and he outwardly just takes pride in that. Everything is to the letter and he’s a great police officer because of it.

“Ruby is not by the book, she is out of the box and she doesn’t do things to the letter – she writes her own letters.”

Fans will remember that this led to some complicated moments of between the pair as JP attempted to mold her into the officer he wanted her to be.

But while they had a bickering relationship on screen, the actors got along really when behind the camera.

Amos revealed that when they were filming in the Caribbean, Bakare was always playing jokes on her.

She told the Beeb about their dynamic: “Tobi is a joker because he’s very deadpan, once you get to know his personality you know when he’s doing it to someone else and it’s really funny to see.

“He’ll say things, but he’ll do it with such a straight face that people think he’s being serious but we know that he’s joking.”

This wasn’t the only story that Amos had from behind the scenes as she also revealed how the cast kept cool in the island heat.

According to Amos, no one had a more extreme method than DI Mooney actor Ardal O’Hanlon who took lengthy precautions.

She added that she enjoyed “watching Ardal between scenes with his chamois leather that he wears drenched in ice water plopped on his head to keep cool.

“In general we’re a fun bunch – we keep it light and have a giggle.”

Death in Paradise is currently on a hiatus between seasons eight and nine, although the latter has already begun filming on the French-Caribbean island of Guadaloupe.

The show will be broadcast at the beginning of 2020 and it’s expected viewers will see the gang – including Ruby and JP – reunite once again.

The BBC is currently keeping pretty tight-lipped about what will happen next but viewers can be sure it will involve solving some more bizarre murders.

In the latest press release for the show, the BBC hinted the series will bring some romance into the mix.

The synopsis read: “Series nine will see the Honoré Police team get to know their new DS, Madeleine (Aude Legastelois), while a surprise kiss catches Jack off guard…” will keep you updated as soon as we find out more about what this could mean for the beloved characters.

Death in Paradise season 9 will premiere on BBC One in 2020.

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