David Ayer Officially Boards NFT Series ‘Lollipop’ Which He Will Write And Exec Produce

David Ayer Officially Boards NFT Series ‘Lollipop’ Which He Will Write And Exec Produce

David Ayer will write and executive produce the upcoming racing series Lollipop alongside partner Chris Long and their Cedar Park Studios. The series will invite audiences to actively participate in a narrative written by Ayer as they compete in a virtual racing circuit linked to the plot. The next-generation storytelling experience will combine elements of episodic streaming, gaming and professional sports.

“With Lollipop, we’re inviting audiences to engage with a story like never before, and Ayer’s deep knowledge of technology and global automotive culture makes him the perfect choice to craft an emotive, action-packed narrative in the professional racing space,” says Steven Ilous, founder and CEO of Feature, the mini studio behind the project.

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The show will feature 10 episodes and 10 races set in some of the world’s most alluring destinations, highlighting local cultures as an integral component of both the narrative and competition. The races will take place on digital street courses in host cities starting in Los Angeles. The storyline will weave together gamified racing with plot events that will impact cars and conditions in the virtual race circuit. Teams will need to pay close attention to adapt and survive if they want to reach the podium at the end of the season.

“We’re proud to be partnering with Feature to write and produce Lollipop, a truly first-of-its-kind media experience,” says Ayer, co-founder with Long of Cedar Park Studios. “I look forward to developing plenty of twists and turns in the narrative that will translate into unique challenges in the races ahead.”

Lollipop, which will be built using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, will deliver photorealism to both the streaming series and adjacent competitive circuit. Oscar-nominated visual-effects veteran Jerome Chen will join the Lollipop production team as VFX supervisor and producer.

“The Lollipop project will break new ground as a digital, interactive media experience,” Chen said. “By producing the series in Unreal Engine 5, we’ll create a dynamic link between audiences and David Ayer’s story. Just as viewers are impacted by events in the experience, their reactions will directly alter the narrative of the storyline.”

Feature is supported by Cedar Park, which is currently producing The Beekeeper starring Jason Statham, with Ayer directing and Long serving as a producer.

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