Daily Picks M Magazine – Saturday, March 30

Daily Picks M Magazine – Saturday, March 30


Dawn French stars in Delicious.Credit:


Season final ★★★★

8.20pm, ABC

Sage advice from the grave – or rather, from the philandering ghost in the beige linen suit who materialises every time someone sits down to eat or think – about life being precious could be taken as a metaphor for this series. This looks and feels like a proper ending to the tale of two warring women working at a posh country noshery. It's just as well, what with co-star Dawn French off making another bucolic dramedy, Glass Houses.

Secret Life of the Cruise Ship has some fascinating facts to share.Credit:



9.30pm, SBS

It's mightily impressive that the MSC Seaside can sustain 6000 people on a trip from Miami to the Caribbean. It's mind-boggling how many eggs they go through, and fascinating to find out exactly how many gallons of human waste is expunged, but facts alone do not an entertaining program make. This explanation of the general operations of the ship is so dull you'll be almost hoping for an iceberg to liven things up.

One Born Every Minute is never dull.Credit:



7.30pm, Ten

With dramatic tension guaranteed on the labour ward, this observation documentary is never dull. Tonight's cast delivers some especially nail-biting moments, though, when a mother to be with a dicey medical history is wheeled in. The expectant fathers never fail to provide some light relief, as do the nattering midwives in the staff room. Off the subject of their love lives, for a change, they discuss the bitterly hilarious concept of the birth plan.

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