Cuties: Netflix users cancel subscriptions over ‘sexualised’ film

Cuties: Netflix users cancel subscriptions over ‘sexualised’ film

People have started cancelling their Netflix subscriptions over the controversial French film Cuties, which has been accused of ‘sexualising’ young girls. 

Cuties, directed by Maïmouna Doucouré and titled Mignonnes in France, follows an 11-year-old Muslim immigrant named Amy, who becomes obsessed with a dance troupe before secretly joining herself. 

The film has received positive reviews from critics and went on to win the directing jury award at the Sundance Film Festival this year. 

However it’s been heavily criticised since hitting Netflix on Wednesday, with viewers shocked at the sexy dance moves, including twerking, which the young girls are seen doing in the routines. 

The hashtag #CancelNetflix began trending on Twitter earlier today and now Netflix are facing mounting pressure with many cancelling their subscriptions in their droves. 

Reacting to the film, one former Netflix user tweeted: ‘The short amount of footage I just scrolled past of their dances is way worse than I first thought. Reading up more and I want to vomit. #CancelNetflix is happening and rightfully so. I just canceled mine. It’s really really awful.’ 

‘Are you really sorry @netflix? Then do the right thing and remove this disgusting filth from your library immediately !!!! I’m sorry too…. #CancelNetflix,’ another demanded. 

Sharing his gripe with the film, one Twitter user said: ‘The thing that is sad is, I get everything is politics on Twitter, but f**k can we all not agree that 11-year-old girls gyrating, touching themselves in sexual dances and being sexualized is abhorrent? Can we not agree on that?’ 

Another agreed: ‘The people calling Cuties art should be asking themselves where do we draw the line? What has to happen in a movie or television show that makes you uncomfortable enough to say the sexualization of children has gone too far?’ 

‘Making a movie that actually exposes and criticizes the sexual exploitation of children is a great idea. But there is obviously no reason why that movie must include crotch shots of barely clothes 11-year-olds. This should not need to be explained,’ one said. 

‘It was very important not to judge these girls, but most of all to understand them, to listen to them, to give them a voice, to take into account the complexity of what they’re living through in society, and all of that in parallel with their childhood which is always there, their imaginary, their innocence.’ has reached out to Netflix for comment. 

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