Countryfile viewers blast BBC for 'woke bulls***' as Tom Heap calls for GCSE in the environment

Countryfile viewers blast BBC for 'woke bulls***' as Tom Heap calls for GCSE in the environment

COUNTRYFILE viewers have launched a scathing attack on the BBC for 'woke bulls***' regarding a new GCSE.

Presenter Tom Heap, 55 reported on plans for a new environment-focused way of learning for students on Sunday evening (March 7).

In response to human impact on wildlife in the countryside, the BBC Rural Affairs Correspondent suggested the curriculum should include more lessons focused on the environment and how it can be protected.

He interviewed students about their learning experiences in school and if they felt they knew enough about the environment.

He also referenced a report from Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta which emphasised the supposed need for natural history to be taught in schools.

Viewers were not impressed on the suggested changes and blasted the programme on Twitter.

One viewer raged: "I’m so glad I grew up before all the virtue signaling woke b*****s happened #countryfile."

Another fan wondered: "Surely it’s better to get the basic through school science and geography and let the ‘Natural history’ be specialised at college/university?! #countryfile."

This user fumed: “I don’t watch politically biased BBC trash and from what I’ve heard Countryfile is just another woke leftist propaganda show. Shame on them. #DefundTheBBC."

While another follower added: "@BBCCountryfile Countryfile has become yet another BBC Leftist propaganda programme. Not worth watching anymore as the real country issues have been lost to the wokes. Defund the BBC.”

Tom also touched on the lack of natural history materials available to students in secondary school.

He also believes students should be taking part in more practical lessons and being more at one with nature.

He stated: "The Government's guidance for schools suggest that the emphasis there is on classroom learning, rather than bringing kids face to face with nature."

The Countryfile star spoke with Mary Caldwell about the desire to have natural history bumped up to a priority for students in the classroom.

"We are doing real damage to this planet," Mary explained, "and we need to know what lives around us (and) what we live alongside if we're going to save it."

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