Corrie fans predict David Platt and Daisy Midgeley ‘romance’ after ‘flirty’ chat

Corrie fans predict David Platt and Daisy Midgeley ‘romance’ after ‘flirty’ chat

Coronation Street insisted they noticed David Platt and Daisy Midgeley 'flirting' during Friday's episode.

David was sitting alone in the Rovers Return Inn when Daisy walked in, and the pair seemed to hit it off.

There was nobody at the bar, so Daisy cheekily rushed behind to grab David a beer.

When her step-mum Jenny Connor appeared, Daisy blamed David with a flirty glint in her eye.

Viewers were certain a new 'romance' was on the cards, despite David being married to Shona Ramsey.

Daisy is also married, so viewers were shocked after the flirtatious scene.

One tweeted: "Bye Shona, David’s got a new love interest."

While another wrote: "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry….but I am already shipping Daisy and David."

A third added: "OMG is David actually flirting with Daisy seriously? What about Shona?"

Shona has been recovering from a brutal brain injury, and has struggled to adapt to life back home and her relationship with David.

At the end of the episode, David told Gail he was getting tired of everything.

He said maybe things would be easier if he was single.

Gail remarked: "Has this got anything to do with this Daisy character?"

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