Coronavirus: Entertainment & Tech Events Canceled in Response So Far

Coronavirus: Entertainment & Tech Events Canceled in Response So Far

Olympic Games Committee to make decision whether to cancel 2020 Tokyo Games by May

Fear of Coronavirus infection has many city residents wearing masks during their commute.

As the Coronavirus spreads from its origins in mainland China across Europe and to the United States, entertainment industry players have scrambled to adjust during a busy slate of premieres, conventions and events.

While the public health risk posed by the virus remains relatively uncertain, travel restrictions continue to take effect, leaving many conferences without their typical international audience. Many companies are also worried about providing a gathering place for the virus to potentially spread in the coming months.

Along with multiple film premieres and theatrical releases in China, major events have also been canceled, like Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference, previously scheduled for May 5-6. Facebook canceled the event on Friday citing “growing concerns” about the safety of its multinational guest list. In place of the planned San Jose, California conference, Facebook said it will distribute videos and discussion livestreams.

Meanwhile, Concert promoter and organizer LiveNation Entertainment said in its Feb. 27 earnings release that its show count over the next 3 months across China, Asia, and Italy accounts for less than half of 1% of its expected fan base this year, and did not report any cancelled events yet.

Several big-name game publishers have pulled out of the upcoming Game Developers Conference, scheduled for March 16-18 in San Francisco, including Microsoft, which said in a statement it plans to hold a digital-only conference via a webcast.

Other big tech players including Microsoft, Google, and Apple have conferences coming up in May, and it remains to be seen if they will reschedule, choose to conference virtually, or cancel altogether.

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo could also see its participant count impacted by the virus. E3 is scheduled for June 9-11 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and attracted roughly 66,100 guests last year.

Cancelled Conferences and Events
Event: Mobile World Congress Spain
Location: Barcelona
Original date: Feb. 24-27
Date cancelled: Feb. 12
Rescheduled? No

Event: F8
Location: San Jose
Original date: May 5-6
Date cancelled: Feb. 27
Rescheduled? TBD, events online

Event: Beijing and Shanghai Fashion Weeks
Location: Beijing, Shanghai
Original date: March 25-31
Date cancelled: Feb. 10
Rescheduled? TBD

Event: Art Basel Hong Kong
Location: Hong Kong
Original date: March 19-21
Date cancelled: Feb. 6
Rescheduled? No, online viewings instead

Cancelled Film Premieres and Theatrical Releases
Event: “No Time to Die” China premiere
Location: Beijing
Original date: April 10
Date cancelled: Feb. 17
Rescheduled? No

Event: “Sonic the Hedgehog” China Premiere
Original date: Feb. 28
Date cancelled: Feb. 24
Rescheduled? TBD

Event: “Mission: Impossible 7” Production
Location: Filming in China
Original date: Release date July 23 2021
Date cancelled: Feb. 24
Rescheduled? TBD

Event: “JoJo Rabbit” China Theatrical Release
Original date: Feb. 12
Date cancelled: Feb. 3
Rescheduled? TBD

Event: “Doolittle” China Theatrical Release
Original date: Feb. 21
Date cancelled: Feb. 3
Rescheduled? TBD

Event: “1917” China Theatrical Release
Original date: Feb. 12
Date cancelled: Feb. 3
Rescheduled? TBD

Event: “Vanguard” Theatrical Release
Original date: Jan. 25
Date cancelled: Jan. 23
Rescheduled? TBD

Cancelled Music Events
Event: The Pixies Asia tour
Location: Cities in Japan and China
Original date: Feb. 24-March 3
Date cancelled: Feb. 23
Rescheduled? TBD

Event: Sterolab China Tour
Location: Shanghai, Beijing
Original date: March 19, 21
Date cancelled: Feb. 20
Rescheduled? TBD

Event: Stormzy Asia Tour
Location: China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia
Original date: March 20-21, 24, 27, 29
Date cancelled: Feb. 13
Rescheduled? Postponed, TBD

Event: Korea Times Music Festival
Location: Hollywood Bowl
Original Date: April 25
Date Cancelled: Feb. 26
Rescheduled? TBD

Event: BTS “Map of the Soul” Tour, South Korea Dates
Location: Olympic Stadium in Seoul
Original Date: April 11, 12, 18 and 19
Date Cancelled: Feb. 27
Rescheduled? TBD

Canceled Film Productions
Production: Mission: Impossible VII
Location: Venice, Italy
Original Date: February-March; three week shoot
Date Cancelled: Feb. 25
Rescheduled? TBD — filming was supposed to occur during the city’s Carnaval festivities. The studio is currently determining if the scenes will be rewritten or shot later to recreate the festival

Companies that have pulled out of events
Game Developers Conference 2020: Epic Games, Unity, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft
Paris Fashion Week: Masha Ma, Shiatzy Chen, Uma Wang, Jarel Zhang, Calvin Luo, Maison Mai

To be determined – could be cancelled
2020 Summer Olympics in Japan: July 24 (No decision from IOC until May)
“Marriage Story” China theatrical release: date TBD
“Mulan” China theatrical release: date TBD
Microsoft: Build, May 19-21, Seattle, Wa.
Google I/O: May 12-14, Mountain View, Calif.
Apple: Worldwide Development Conference, date TBD, San Jose, Calif.
E3: June 11-13, Downtown Los Angeles

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