Coronation Street’s Elaine Jones ‘exposes’ fiancé Stephen Reid

Coronation Street’s Elaine Jones ‘exposes’ fiancé Stephen Reid

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Since arriving on the cobbles last year, Coronation Street viewers have witnessed serial killer Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce) lie, scheme and keep secrets from everyone. One of which includes his unexpected engagement to Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox). However, in scenes set to air next week, could his new fiance spill the beans?

Stephen has caused quite the stir since arriving in Weatherfield last year as the Canadian businessman has quickly turned into the ITV soap villain.

Along with murdering both Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) and his dad Teddy (Grant Burgin) and getting away with it, the serial killer has also turned his sights on taking over the Underworld factory.

In a bid to oust Carla Connor (Alison King) from her role, he’s been secretly spiking her with LSD to try and make her appear incompetent.

However, after accidentally spiking himself he ended up proposing to a smitten Elaine while tripping out on drugs.

ITV fans will know the businessman has only set his sights on Elaine to help with his money troubles, after finding out she had a large amount of equity in her home.

After agreeing to the proposal, Stephen’s had to try and persuade his new fiance to keep their new relationship status a secret.

Although in scenes set to air next week, it looks as though Elaine could be about to expose all.

In the cafe, she starts to put pressure on Stephen to announce their new engagement to everybody.

However, turning on the charm, Stephen persuades her that they should hold off on telling anybody until they move into their new flat.

Meanwhile, Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) starts his new job role as a junior manager at Underworld after Stephen gave him a promotion following the sudden death of Rufus Donahue (Steve Meo).

Unbeknownst to people, it was Stephen who killed Rufus after he started blackmailing him for money in exchange for not being exposed as the person who has been drugging Carla.

Speaking to Stephen about Rufus’ death, Michael suggests he must’ve drunkenly fallen into his swimming pool after he was found dead in the water by the housekeeper.

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Taking the opportunity to shift suspicion off of him, Stephen’s only too happy to go along with his theory.

Although, due to his fiance being adamant she wants to celebrate her new engagement with the Weatherfield residents, could she expose the truth?

A theory by suggests she takes it upon herself to reveal she and Stephen are to be married as she shares the joyous revelation.

However, with her son Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) already wary of Stephen’s intentions, could some further digging into his past bring to light all that he’s done so far?

Actor Todd Boyce spoke to DigitalSpy about Stephen and Elaine’s connection as he revealed his role as the Coronation Street woman hoodwinked.

The soap star confessed: “He is perfectly capable of being charming.

“He has got Elaine, Rita, Jenny and Sarah fooled but men can be a bit wary of him. It is such a veneer, he is pretty shameless.”

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays on ITVX and ITV1 from 8pm.

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