Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley says she's not 'designed to be a 24-hour mum, cleaner and cook' in lockdown rant

Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley says she's not 'designed to be a 24-hour mum, cleaner and cook' in lockdown rant

CORONATION Street actor Catherine Tyldesley has shared a lockdown rant many parents across the UK will be able to relate to.

It would seem that homeschooling her five-year-old son, Alfie, while schools are shut due to Covid hasn’t been a walk in the park.

The 37-year-old star took to Instagram to vent her frustrations about having to work while juggling chores, homeschooling and typical parenting responsibilities during the third national lockdown.

In the sweary rant, she began: “It’s official. My parenting skills have left the building. 

“I am not designed to be a 24hr mother, writer, actor, wife, cleaner, cook… there’s not enough coffee for this p***ing lockdown.”

Catherine also took a swipe at Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK government’s handling of the pandemic, adding: “I’ve never hated a government more. What a s**t storm.”

Fans of the actress, who played Eva Price on the hit ITV soap, perhaps won’t be too shocked by the strongly-worded Instagram rant.

Previously, Catherine was making light of her stressful homeschooling situation with amusing posts – all of which featured a glass of wine in hand.

She shared a photo of herself casually downing a glass of white wine, holding a sign that read: “Put myself on the naughty step for an hour, it was wonderful.” 

The mum-of-one quipped alongside it: "#Homeschooling going great ????”

A similar humorous snap, with what looks to be white wine in a champagne flute, featured a sign saying: “Today we’re having an inset day for staff training.” 

Catherine wrote in her caption: “Legit ????”

But it seems good humour isn’t the answer to everything – as Catherine also told fans via an Instagram video that she’s paranoid about catching coronavirus.

She asked to camera: “Does anyone else ever have bouts of paranoia as to whether you’ve got Covid or not?”  

“I’m literally in the kitchen and I just keep putting things in my mouth to make sure I can still taste.”

A short while later, Catherine asked fans in a rare child-free moment if they had any questions for her.

During the Q&A, she revealed what she’s been doing to try and minimise her stress while stuck at home.

“Routine!!!” she wrote in response. “[Been] eating really well, walking as much as possible (and the odd bevy),” she joked with several laughing face emojis.

And when a fan asked what she’d learned about herself in lockdown, she reiterated: “I’d make a shocking teacher!”

In December, Catherine opened up about her possible plans to adopt a second child with husband Tom Pitfield.

Though understandably so, she confessed she was too busy at the moment to think about baby number two.

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